Student Testimonials

Headshot of Alex Carriero

Alex Carriero

Bachelor of Science (Mathematical Science, Statistics)

When I first visited I felt that both the city and the University were inspiring places to be. I really appreciated the initiatives taken to be mindful of the health of students, the community and our planet. My favourite thing about the University of Guelph is the people and the food! There is a lot happening on campus, after 4 years here I am still constantly surprised with new initiatives, clubs and other interesting things happening on campus.

Chenxingyu (Alex) Chen working on computer

Chenxingyu (Alex) Chen

Master of Cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence (MCTI)

During my last semester as an undergraduate student majoring in computer science, the University of Guelph launched this new master’s program in cybersecurity, which was good timing – I was deciding between entering the workforce and continuing my education. After learning that this the MCTI program is the only one of its kind in Canada, and with how supportive the faculty are, made me have no doubt about doing my graduate studies at Guelph. I like that the program is one-year and provides the opportunity to work with industry partners. We spend the first two semesters in practical courses (cybersecurity, digital forensic, cyber threats, human privacy, and more), all directly related to my field and the skills I need to work in cybersecurity. We also have access to the state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools, and we analyze malwares around the world. I’ll then spend my final semester in a work placement, allowing me to apply concepts to the real-world and connect with potential employers.

Headshot of Grant Doherty

Grant Doherty

Bachelor of Science (Physics)

Throughout the university search process, I felt most welcomed by the University of Guelph. In any kind of encounter, whether it was at open houses, tours, pamphlets or presentations, I always liked how U of G reps were really enthusiastic and I loved the sense of hospitality that they provided. They made me feel at home so I knew the transition between high school and first year would be easy. My favourite thing about the University of Guelph is the sense of community. In a traditional school year, there are lots of events and gatherings that bring the students together to celebrate events and socialize. Attending sporting events, getting lunch, studying and doing just about anything with university friends makes the experience most special.

Melanie headshot

Melanie Hudakoc

Bachelor of Science (Physics major, Mathematical Science minor)

When I visited Guelph, I immediately fell in love with the campus. The people, the atmosphere, the food. My love for physics wasn’t as sudden. I started in a different program and hesitantly took a first-year physics for the biological sciences course. It sparked my drive to understand the world around me through this discipline. I switched majors and haven’t looked back. I’ve also developed a passion for science communication and physics education research. I strongly believe that undergrad should be used as a time to discover your passions and explore different things, and the University of Guelph gave me the support to do that.

student headshot

Sooraj Modi

Bachelor of Computing General (Computer Science)

When I was first applying to University programs, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. I knew I liked working on problems, so I picked Computer Science since those skillsets aligned with my interests. I’m so glad I did – the degree has been such a great experience for me. I came in not knowing anything about computer science, and now I’ve interned with Bell and am learning about things like artificial intelligence. The sense of community is also phenomenal – every week we’re running community events and technical events. Everyone here – faculty and staff – want you to succeed. I’ve really valued this experience and grown from it.

Sanaz Nakhodchi in front of University of Guelph backdrop

Sanaz Nakhodchi

Master of Science (Computer Science)

I had worked as a research assistant in the Computer Emergency Response Team for four years and written numerous white papers about cyber security, and wanted to continue my education through graduate studies. I chose the University of Guelph because, while I’m studying computer science, I had heard the University was establishing the MCTI program and that Dr. Ali Dehghantanha would be the director. My research is about deep Learning Framework for attack detection and hunting in Industrial Control Systems. Next, I plan to get more experience working in industry and then pursue my PhD. If students are looking for a broad view of the future and thinking about opportunities for innovation, I highly recommend the University of Guelph.

Headshot of Victoria Pham-Tran

Victoria Pham-Tran

Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)

I chose the University of Guelph because I knew about its esteemed reputation as a science based school. The programs the university carries were exactly what I was looking for as a senior in high school. Not to mention the campus is absolutely beautiful. My favourite thing about the University of Guelph has to be the comfortable atmosphere. I love how they make sure your transition into university is as effortlessly as possible, providing you with unlimited amounts of resources and guidance. The faculty at Guelph are also extremely helpful to their students, and the food at the university is the best there is.