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  • Head shot of Ryan.

    Ryan Prosser is a professor in the School of Environmental Sciences who researches the impacts that chemicals used in industry, agriculture and commerce, have on the environment. 

  • Head shot of Loong-Tak

    Loong-Tak Lim is a professor in the Food Science Department who researches food product packaging.

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1 hour 7 min ago

FARE Chair Candidate Public Presentation: Prof. Andreas Boecker https://t.co/2gCgbEBST6 The Search Committee for… https://t.co/iDCxU29mRZ

5 hours 9 min ago

This week: Before The Plate Movie Screening 🍽️🐝🚜 https://t.co/2zKCWLQZsC ➡️November 15th, 2018 ➡️War Memorial Ha… https://t.co/IeauAhLbpa

6 hours 27 min ago

🌎Climate change will heat up cities and rural areas differently. 🌎 https://t.co/6WJGWtvYLj New study led by Prof.… https://t.co/vCfRK6H6BM