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  • Head shot of Ben.

    Ben Bohrer is a professor in the Department of Food Science who researches meat and other animal derived products.

  • Head shot of Ataharul.

    Ataharul Chowdhury is a professor in the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development who researches communities in resource-poor and remote areas.

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17 hours 2 min ago

☄️OAC student contributing to space research🍅 https://t.co/pp9p52kwqj Learn more about student Connor K… https://t.co/oauj4b8auM

17 hours 35 min ago

RT : Martina, Katelyn and Danielle stopped by today to deliver a $10,000 cheque, and our team photo, from Tractor Tug fo… https://t.co/vcacTeEjPH

18 hours 31 min ago

Prof. Ataharul Chowdhury, , contributed to the international dialogue for theorizing development communicatio… https://t.co/41WUA9km6k