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8 hours 56 min ago

RT : Feeling green at the research greenhouse 🌱🌳🌿🌲🌴Why am I here? I am one of 4 food policy fellows meetin… https://t.co/027aSKCmub

12 hours 50 min ago

RT : "Everyone knows these [Yukon Gold Potato] were invented in Guelph"🥔🍟 Thanks Jon Hamm, &… https://t.co/yop8H35yx2

14 hours 49 min ago

RT : Congratulations Guelph Grads! Improve Life and stay in touch! 🎉 #UofG President Franco Vaccarino #GuelphGrad… https://t.co/MN2oUGkAn2

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A podcast produced by the Ontario Agricultural College, where we look to answer big questions in agriculture, food, and the environment through casual conversations rooted in research.

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