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  • Male student in black t-shirt stands outside on campus

    Meet Eamonn McGuinty, a Bachelor of Commerce - Food and Agricultural Business student.

  • Canada imports close to 16,000 tonnes of hazelnuts each year, most of which come from Turkey.

    Hazelnuts are a growing industry in Ontario. This video describes the benefits that a hazelnut industry would provide to producers, consumers and the province as a whole. 

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1 hour 50 min ago

"Sobeys launches South Asian store " via @CanadianGrocer http://t.co/IixIqMxlea http://t.co/BAi8ACuPsG

6 hours 5 min ago

RT @uofg: Find your way around campus with our new online map. http://t.co/69iZeuxkON

7 hours 48 min ago

Excited to welcome 5,000 new students to campus! #Guelphites should avoid campus on Sept 5 (residence move-in day): http://t.co/IQXcqjPEsB