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  • Head shot of Ryan.

    Ryan Prosser is a professor in the School of Environmental Sciences who researches the impacts that chemicals used in industry, agriculture and commerce, have on the environment. 

  • Head shot of Loong-Tak

    Loong-Tak Lim is a professor in the Food Science Department who researches food product packaging.

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12 hours 31 min ago

Prof. Jay Subramanian, , featured by TVO for his work with hexanol. Be sure to watch him on TVO tonig… https://t.co/ErMWTHeA6n

13 hours 46 min ago

RT : Today’s plastic production adds almost 450 million tons a year, 40% being single-use items and packaging. How is… https://t.co/Lvmk0tXMfc

17 hours 59 min ago

RT : Two tremendous days at -funded, GIFS-hosted () Plant Phenotyping & Imaging Research Ce… https://t.co/3L6HgruH4Y