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Undergraduate Programs in Food, Agriculture, Communities and the Environment

Discover your passion and Improve Life.

Undergraduate programs at the U of Guelph's Ontario Agricultural College (OAC) are connected to all things food, agriculture, plants, animals, and the environment. Join our community of future-focused leaders that are on a mission to Improve Life across the world.

You have plenty of programs and themes to choose from at OAC. From plant biology to marketing and economics, from animal care to food science, from environmental science to policy development, you'll find a program that matches your interests.

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Our Programs

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Animal programs

Learn to use genetics, nutrition, physiology, behaviour, welfare and business to improve the lives of animals, our food chain and the environment.

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Food programs

Combine your love of food with nearly any interest: science, business, trade, product development, food security or production.

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Plant programs

If you like science, nature, innovation, problem solving and doing things a bit differently, plant studies is a great fit for you.

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Study Food, Animals, Plants and the Environment in Canada.

The U of Guelph's Ontario Agricultural College is Canada's leader in agricultural science and food, with a mission of developing leaders that Improve Life. More than 550 graduate students from 83 different countries call U of Guelph home.

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The classes designed specifically for my program are so fun. They are very focused on land-based learning. We spend the whole period walking around the Arboretum learning how to ID plants and looking at trees and making observations of bugs and organisms. We learn about habitats, and how Indigenous people view the land. 

Sandreka Rowe, Undergraduate Student
Bachelor of Indigenous Environmental Science and Practice
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Mark Gordon
I really enjoy collaborating in the studio. There are so many components that go into each project; working as a team and sharing knowledge makes everyone’s project better.

Mark Gordon, Undergraduate Student
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
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Associate Diplomas

OAC's Associate diplomas are two-year programs that provide a blend of theoretical and practical learning. Our unique associate diploma programs will prepare you for a wide range of careers related to food, agriculture, communities, and the environment. The programs are offered at our main Guelph campus and the Ridgetown Campus, near London, Ontario.

Explore programs in agriculture, environment, animals, horticulture and turfgrass.