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Lara-Nicole Cochrane smiling and taking a selfie with children behind her.

Belize and Beyond: Lara-Nicole Cochrane's Ridgetown Experience

Lara-Nicole Cochrane, an agriculture diploma graduate from U of G's Ridgetown Campus, chose the program for its strong agri-food focus and close-knit community. Her two years were packed with hands-on learning, research collaborations, and a life-changing trip to Belize. Discover Lara-Nicole's unique Ridgetown journey!

a hand holding soil on a farm with the sun shining brightly

Creating a more environmentally sustainable agriculture and food system

From breeding for less potent dairy cattle burps to promoting green ammonia in crop production, tackling climate change impacts from Canada’s agricultural sector is the goal of two national and international research projects being co-led by researchers at the University of Guelph’s Ontario Agricultural College (OAC).

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