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Agricultural Economics Majors Have One of the Lowest Unemployment Rates

A list of the top 10 college majors with the lowest unemployment rates from a Yahoo News Article. Check out the rest of the most employable majors.

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FARE Institute

Institute for the Advanced Study of Food and Agricultural Policy

The Institute for the Advanced Study of Food and Agricultural Policy is housed within the Department of Food, Agricultural, and Resource Economics, OAC, University of Guelph. The Institute is also part of the larger Food Institute at the University of Guelph.

The mission of the institute is to provide independent, credible, and timely policy analysis with respect to socially significant food and agricultural issues.

Find a collection of working papers, white papers and a series of podcasts that have been made public to help educate individuals on important food and agricultural issues. Visit FARE Institute.


FARE Talk Radio

Africa, Land & Economic Development

Dr. Thom Jayne and Dr. Brady Deaton discuss key ideas from a special issue that Dr. Thom Jayne and his colleagues edited for the journal Food Policy. The title of the special issue is "Boserup and Beyond: Mounting Land Pressures and Development Strategies in Africa."    More

Tenants and Landlords: Who benefits from U.S. Agricultural Subsidies?

Barry Goodwin discusses his research on the effect of U.S. subsidies on U.S. farmland values and rental rates. With a focus on the effect of U.S. agricultural subsidies on rental rates.    More


Agriculture Economics Program Apply

The Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics (FARE) is the most research-intensive department of its kind in Canada, and one of the most intensive in North America.

Domestic students with an "A" average - We will reimburse your application fee!