Special Projects

Our Shared Priorities

"Our Shared Priorities" is a strategic vision for the Ontario Agricultural College for 2018-2023. It helps us to focus our efforts and remind us of the value we place on: student success, achieving excellence, supporting our people, organizational effectiveness and our legacy and reputation. We look to this document for guidance - to help us focus our efforts and to remind us of what matters most in terms of who we are and what we do. It also influences an annual reporting exercise that shares key examples of how our joint purpose is being realized across OAC. Read the full "Our Shared Priorities" strategic vision here.

Honeybees and other pollinators provide the pollination necessary for one third of the food humans and wildlife require. The Honey Bee Research Centre’s (HBRC) mandate is to help honeybees continue this essential activity. We are creating a new, iconic facility focused on bee health education, research, advocacy and outreach. The facility will become a destination; a place of excellence in both design and function, while continuing to execute excellence in research. More on the Honey Bee Research Centre relocation and facility build here.

This student hosted podcast looks to answer big questions in agriculture, food, and the environment through casual conversations rooted in research. It published and produced by the Ontario Agricultural College of the University of Guelph. Recording and editing by Open Learning and Educational Support. More on the Why & How Podcast here.

Planning for Tomorrow

People are the most important asset in the agriculture and food sectors; organizations prosper through leadership, professionalism and talent. In 2011 and 2017, OAC commissioned studies, entitled Planning for Tomorrow, to determine the projected needs for highly qualified personnel in the agriculture and food sectors in Ontario. The results from the study confirmed a significant gap between the supply of graduates from OAC programs and demands of the agri-food sector. The Ontario Agricultural College’s Planning for Tomorrow initiative is evolving to prepare students with the skills needed to succeed and support the future of the agriculture and food sectors. With industry support for Planning for Tomorrow, through a new $2 million fundraising campaign, OAC will pursue a comprehensive strategy. More about the Planning for Tommorrow project goals and campaign here.