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Takeaways from LARC*4620 (BLA Internship)

My name is Emma Cervinka and I am a third-year student in the bachelor of landscape architecture (BLA) program at the University of Guelph. I grew up in London, Ontario and always had an interest in engineering and art which is why I chose to study in the BLA program, as it provides a blend of science and design! So far, I have loved my time at the University of Guelph (U of G), and I am very sad to already be graduating next spring. 

Cameron kneels with his dog Murphy in a snowy woods.

My landscape architecture internship

In LARC*4620 (Landscape Architecture Internship), students in the bachelor of landscape architecture (BLA) program can engage in a paid experiential learning opportunity working in a professional office, while receiving mentorship by a registered landscape architect.  

Reflections from a third year student

Navigating academics, work and social life while thinking about future careers can be challenging. For this blog post Hannah, a first year animal biology student, asks a third year animal biology some questions about their undergraduate experience so far.

Takeaways from ENVS*3330 Flexible Environmental Internship

ENVS*3330 is a flexible environmental internship opportunity that combines a course credit with a 40-hour unpaid internship. This course is offered to environmental science students, who are looking to pursue a career in the environmental sector. Experiential learning is a great way for students to gain work experience and get their foot in the door to the workforce relevant to their field of interest. This course includes synchronous and asynchronous components with lectures on career building skills and preparation.

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Ways I've grown through working in communications

As an economics student, I never would have imagined getting experience in a field like communications. Upon starting my studies in the food, agricultural and resource economics (FARE) program, I couldn’t describe what the communications career choice even entailed. But one thing I knew for sure was that becoming an economist was out of the question for my future. 

E'layna as a highschool graduate and E'layna as a university graduate

Reflections from an OAC graduate

The undergrad experience is certainly a journey filled with triumph, despair, and everything in between. From my experience, undergrad has done a fine job of breaking me down and building me up in ways I would have never imagined possible for the naive young 17-year-old who was responsible for me even being here, at U of G, in the first place.

5 Reasons to Say "YES" to U of G

When it comes to selecting a university there is a lot to consider. Studying in a program that matches your interests is most important, but there are lots of other things to consider! To help, we have highlighted some of the best reasons to say “yes” to the University of Guelph. Check them out below.

Tips for Finding your Work/School/Life Balance

Finding a healthy balance when it comes to work, school and life can be difficult. This is something I have personally struggled with in the past, and honestly, I still find myself a little unsure of how to plan out my days and sift through all my to-do’s without completely overwhelming myself. 

5 Budgeting and Saving Tips for Student Life

As a university student, managing your finances should not be something to fear. Many students living away from home for the first time are susceptible to overspending and losing track of where exactly their funds are going. 

In my opinion, our university years should be a financial training ground, preparing us for a lifetime of wise spending and budgeting habits. However, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the budgeting learning curve that is unique to each of us as we discover what works and what doesn’t. 

Takeaways from my 40-hour Internship and UNIV*3140

In my third year of studies, I had the amazing opportunity to enroll in an experiential learning course here at U of G: UNIV*3140 – Flexible Internships in Agri-Food. 

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