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Wednesday Night Walks until the end of August by Bruce MacNeil

Join Alexandra, our Summer Interpretive Naturalist, for Wednesday Night Walks at The Arboretum June through August. The cost is only $2 with children under 5 FREE! Walks take place every Wednesday evening from 7 - 8:30 p.m., beginning at the J.C. Taylor Nature Centre.

For more information please contact The Arboretum at 519-824-4120 ext. 52363 or go to our website.

July 22nd - Weather or not to go for a walk
Different cultures have rhymes, riddles, and sayings to help us keep track of the weather and these have been passed down for generations. Learn which of these fun sayings are true and hear the actual science behind it! “Red sky at night, sailors delight”? Come find out!

July 29th - Nature Photography: Compose Yourself!
You are choosing between two photos and you can tell one is better than the other, but don’t know why. That’s because your eye is naturally picking up what composition looks best! Learn what makes good composition in photography and turn your photography passion into an artistic discovery.

August 5th - A Game of Animal Clue
Whether it is sounds, prints, nests, or scat, you can always tell when an animal has been around. Learn the signs to look for and how to decipher who did it! Was it the chickadee with the candle stick in the dining room?

August 12th - Bees: The True Providers
Bees are such tiny creatures, but they have a huge impact on the planet and our lives! Bees provide a lot of the food you eat and without them we wouldn’t have much. Come learn about why bees are so important and why they are in danger.

August 19th - Cool Evolution: Partners, Dinos, and Awesomeness
Evolution isn’t so difficult to understand when you explore the right examples. And the best examples are the cool ones! Come learn how dinosaurs gave us the plants we have today, how things can evolve in pairs, and how humans have influenced the direction of evolution in some species!

August 26th - Fields of Gold: A Biodiversity Jackpot
Goldenrod provides food and shelter for many invertebrates so you don’t have to go very far to find a posse of cool critters. Let’s go digging for gold in a goldenrod field and see all the neat creatures we can catch.


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Arboretum Beginning

The Arboretum at the University of Guelph is somewhat modeled after the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University which is 100 years older.

Plantings started in 1971 and are now maturing to produce a beautiful landscape, within which The Arboretum continues to develop specialized gardens, botanical collections, and gene conservation programs.

Labels are maintained at the base of all woody plants in the collections that are listed on The Arboretum map.

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