Distance Education

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The Arboretum doesn't offer any distant education courses on its own, but the university teaches a variety on topics such as ecology, pesticides and the environment, plants and human use, apiculture and environmental stewardship. Click here to go to a listing of distance education courses.

Several UofG undergraduate courses include fieldwork and data collection labs in the Arboretum. For a complete list of these courses, please go to the Undergraduate Courses page

For those of you interested in becoming an interpretive naturalist, we strongly encourage you to to take the Nature Interpretation course offered by Alan Watson (our past director). This course can be taken in class or as a distant education course. Click on the link below for more details.

Nature Interpretation
An exploration of communication and experiential learning theories and their application to natural history interpretation and environmental education program design. Students will develop and present interpretive materials and a program within the context of the existing nature interpretation program.