Welcome from Jonathan Newman, Dean of CBS

"I have the honour of serving as this College’s fifth Dean. I’m very proud of the dedication of our faculty and staff. The service they provide to our students, our academic disciplines, our industrial and governmental partners, our alumni, and society as a whole, is second to none.



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RT : We’ve extended our CALL FOR ABSTRACTS until May 11! Present your latest discoveries in #biotech #biopharma… https://t.co/jOHwFR1ntE

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RT : Our annual COESP Day is soon here! Join us May 3rd with Bill Ju from the UoT to talk about mental health. Find more… https://t.co/cPBEBV04kU

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RT : Uniacke lab on our last night in Banff getting ready for the banquet. Also proof that 50% of the time your name tag… https://t.co/zL6NPQspb9

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📢 RELEASES 3rd NEW VIDEO! 📽️ 🔬 What's it like to collaborate on studies in the Human Nutraceutical Rese… https://t.co/d6r9luZVuw