About the CBSAA

The CBS Alumni Association (CBSAA) is a volunteer-driven association that represents the alumni of the College of Biological Science (CBS) at the University of Guelph. We support the mission and vision of U of G and CBS through alumni engagement opportunities and providing student support. Our mission is:

  • To create new opportunities to engage alumni;
  • To maintain a pulse on alumni activities in the community;
  • To collaborate with internal departments to forward the mission of the College; and
  • To provide valuable input and expertise into changes.


The CBSAA also works with the CBS Student Council and Alumni Affairs & Development to engage students and help them in their transition into alumni.

Alumni at the Summerlee Science Complex Atrium

Janet and Frank Webster

CBS HK5K run


Current Executive (2018-2019)

  • President: Ms. Valerie Sharman, B.Sc. 1994 (Major: Biochemistry; Microbiology)
  • Treasurer: Xinjie (Lois) Lin, M.Sc 2014 (HHNS)
  • Secretary: Ms. Karin Davidson-Taylor B.Sc. 1983 (Major: Zoology)
  • Marketing and Communications Director: Jaimie Foster-Bartlett, B.Sc. 2015 (Major: Bio-Medical Science; Minor: Criminal Justice and Public Policy
  • Faculty Member: Beren Robinson, Associate Professor, Integrative Biology


Current Board Directors:

  • Shannon Klingel CBS B.Sc 2014 (HHNS), M.Sc 2015 (HHNS), PhD candidate (HHNS)
  • Danyelle Liddle, CBS B.Sc 2013 (HHNS), M.Sc 2015 (HHNS), PhD candidate (HHNS)
  • Dana Lowry, CBS M.Sc candidate (HHNS) 
  • Alexander Rajna, CBS B.Sc 2017 (Major: Biomedical Science; Minor: Nutrition and Nutraceutical Science), MSc candidate (HHNS) 
  • Adrian Taylor CBS B.Sc 2013 (Major: Biomedical Toxicology), M.Sc 2015 (HHNS), PhD candidate


Interested in getting involved or want to learn more? Get in touch with us by emailing CBSAA.