Future Undergraduates

Whether you are a recent high school or college graduate, or someone looking to return to school from the work force, the College of Biological Science (CBS) offers a range of programs and courses to suit your interests and career goals in biological science. 

We offer 12 different undergraduate programs, ranging from broad and integrative (e.g. Biological Science major) to more specialized (e.g. Human Kinetics, Marine & Freshwater Biology, Biochemistry). All programs provide you with a solid foundation in science, deep knowledge and practical experience related to a particular specialization, and opportunities for independent study and research. 

We achieve this through approximately 140 courses in health science, molecular bioscience, biodiversity science and biological science and practical experience through coop offerings, field courses, summer assistantships and hands-on study using state-of-the-art teaching and analytical facilities. 

A wide range of students support, such as program counsellors, faculty advisors, the Science and Learning Commons, Student Accessibility Services, Supported Learning Groups, Health Services, and the Wellness Centre are available to assist you in this journey.


The Bachelor of Science includes a three-year, six-semester general degree and a four-year, eight-semester honours degree. Within the four-year degree, students can choose to specialize in any one of the 26 majors. There are a number of biological science majors, as well as physical science majors.

The Associate Dean Academic of the College of Biological Science is responsible for the following majors:

The College of Biological Science contributes to two other majors within the B.Sc. degree. These include:

The College of Biological Science is a contributing college to the Bachelor of One Health degree, which is both offered with or without a co-op option. 

How to Apply

Complete information about how to apply for or transfer into a University of Guelph program, including admission requirements, can be found on the Admissions website.


For students in the Honours B.Sc. degree, we offer the option to complement your major by declaring any of our minors in areas of science, business, arts or social sciences. Minors are offered in areas ranging from Anthropology and Music to Neuroscience and Biotechnology. Most minors are comprised of approximately 5.00 credits and can fit within the minimum 20.00 credits required for the B.Sc. degree. Visit the Admissions website for more information on minors.


The College of Biological Science is proud to be a part of the Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Kinesiology and Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion. This unique opportunity allows students to gain an honours degree and a diploma in as little as four years. 

The degree in Kinesiology combines the theoretical and applied sides of human movement, exercise, fitness and overall health. Courses are taught in the traditional classroom setting but are coupled with placements and research opportunities, which allows students to apply their classroom learning to real-world problems. Most of the courses are delivered on the University of Guelph-Humber campus; however, students do complete their anatomy portion of the curriculum on the University of Guelph campus. Courses are taught by faculty from Humber as well as the University of Guelph. 

For more information about Guelph-Humber, the programs available and admissions information, please see the University of Guelph-Humber website.