Get Involved

There are a number of ways for students to get involved within the College of Biological Sciences and within the University community. Getting involved in any activity can be a great way to connect with like-minded students, enhance your overall experience at Guelph, improve your mental and physical well-being and give back to the University and the greater Guelph community.

College of Biological Science Student Council (CBSSC)

The CBSSC represents and supports all CBS students, regardless of their major. They provide a number of services for students including academic and extracurricular. Check out the CBSSC Instagram account and GryphLife for ways to get involved, services provided, and upcoming activities. You can also follow CBSSC on Instagram at: @cbssc

Student Clubs

The CBSSC also helps to support a number of student clubs. The clubs are a great way to connect with individuals who have similar interests. The clubs run a number of activities during the semester for all students to enjoy. For more information about the CBSSC and ways to get involved in student clubs check out CBSSC on Facebook and GryphLife.


Students are often curious about how to volunteer in research labs. We do not have any formal listing of labs or faculty looking for volunteers however the opportunities do exist. We encourage students to review faculty profile pages, available through the various department websites, to find faculty who are conducting research in areas that the student is interested in. It is then the student’s responsibility to contact the faculty member to discuss the potential for volunteering in the lab. Please note that there may be some additional training the student may need to undertake before being allowed to enter into a lab. Ex. WHMIS training

Central Student Association

For more information about the Universities’ Central Student Association and the services they provide including a list of all clubs available at the University of Guelph. 


Geting involved in physical activity can help students both mentally and physically. Whether it is a yoga class or playing intramural flag football, there is something for everyone. Full details on facilities on campus, classes available, varsity sports and intramurals can be found on the Department of Athletics website

Peer Helper Program

The Peer Helper Program is an opportunity for students to help others across campus by planing events and running workshops related to a variety of academic and non-academic disciplines. Peer Helpers can also be a source of information and guide to those in need of support and help within the community. This is an opportunity for students to gain experience in working with others and enhance their leadership and interpersonal skills. More details on how to apply to become a peer can be found on the Student Life website

Wild Ontario

Wild Ontario is an environmental and science education program in the Department of Integrative Biology. Through educational activities both on-campus and in the community, they work to foster connections with nature and an interest in science. U of G students can apply to volunteer in the fall.