Giving to CBS


Last year the College of Biological Science received $122,078 through 431 donations from annual donors.

Student Financial Aid - 47% Programs - 28% Experiential Learning - 18% Research - 7%

Donations supported both undergraduate and graduate student awards as well as conference fees. 

Donations supported educational programs and outreach, like that of Wild Ontario.  Donations to the CBS Highest Priority fund and CBS Experiential Learning Trust helped establish new Summer Student Research Assistantships.  Donations supported Lyme Disease Research and the Guelph Family Health Study.  


There are a number of ways in which you can make a positive impact on the students studying in the College of Biological Science (CBS). The priority areas listed below support CBS’s ongoing development efforts.


CBS Experiential Learning Trust

The CBS Experiential Learning Trust supports Summer Student Research Assistantships.

These positions provide undergraduate students with a hands-on opportunity to gain work experience in a research lab. This enriched learning experience is invaluable to students and often becomes a stepping stone to graduate school, and can open doors to contribute to other research projects.

To support this initiative, please use the Online Donation Form.


CBS Undergraduate and Graduate Student Assistance

The CBS Undergraduate Student Assistance and CBS Graduate Student Assistance funds work to support bursaries and scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Biological Science.

To support this initiative, you can choose to support either CBS Undergraduate Student Assistance or CBS Graduate Student Assistance.


Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships and awards are important ways for the College to acknowledge academic excellence and provide much-needed funding for future studies. To support a specific student award or to learn about creating a new student award in CBS, please contact Christopher Mote, Development Manager (CBS), at 519-820-3654 or email


Class Gifts

Class giving opportunities, or class projects, are a growing trend in CBS. You, along with your classmates, can direct your giving to the college cause, equipment or infrastructure that you feel is most important. It's a fantastic way to make a lasting impression on the college and will be appreciated by CBS students for years to come.

Interested? Contact Christopher Mote, Development Manager (CBS), at 519-820-3654 or email and we'll be happy to help you make the perfect class gift.


General Inquires

If you need any assistance in making your gift to CBS or have another project you would like to donate to, please contact Christopher Mote, Development Manager (CBS), at 519-820-3654 or email