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Prospective Students

Male student in the field banding birdsPhoto Contest Winner Michael Elza

Current Students

Two female students in a lab holding petrie dishes that say STEM and the sign for female in bacteriaPhoto Contest Winner Simone Renwick

Postdoctoral Scholars

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies News

Meet our Grad Students

  • Portrait of Lindsay Plater

    I investigate how human memory and attention affect perception. Our basic research may lead to applied research in an effort to assist individuals who wish to improve their memory

  • Portrait of Melanie Dupuis

    My research will improve life by providing people with information and resources on how to help protect mental health.

Meet our Grad Faculty

  • Dr. Margaret Lumley

    Abnormal Development, Child/Adolescent Depression, Childhood Maltreatment, Self-Schema Structure and Content

  • Portrait of Dr. Ben Bohrer

    My research focuses on meat science and technology. Within this research area, I work with fresh and further processed meat products with a specific focus to improve ways that meat is produced and accepted by consumers.

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