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Meet our Grad Students

  • Christian Carello

    I chose to attend the University of Guelph because of the my interest in the field of research the chemistry program offered. I also found the facilities give excellent opportunities to learn many new skills.

  • Emma Louth

    My work aims to better understand the underlying neural mechanisms of attention deficits associated with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and to identify novel therapeutic targets to treat these attention deficits 

Meet our Grad Faculty

  • Portrait of Dr. Jaclyn Cockburn

    Physical processes and human activities change the landscape and increasingly these factors work in tandem on the Earth’s surface; these interactions are what inspire and drive my research.

  • Professor Eliane Lousada

    French Pedagogy, Teacher Development, Discourse Analysis

Grad Student Development

GSLI – Supporting academic and professional skill development for graduate students including a monthly newsletter outlining current development opportunities and resources for grad students at the University of Guelph.

All U of G students, faculty and staff have access to the full suite of