Female student nuzzling sheep in a penPhoto Contest Winner Samantha Dixon

Prospective Students

Two female students in a lab holding petrie dishes that say STEM and the sign for female in bacteriaPhoto Contest Winner Simone Renwick

Postdoctoral Scholars

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies News

Meet our Grad Students

  • Portrait of Nicola Hibburd

    The CCJP program is the only master's program that offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of crime and criminal justice. Learning about these important topics from a sociological and political science perspective is invaluable and available only at the University of Guelph.

  • Angela Wilson

    My research in dairy cow stall design is working to improve animal welfare, which is a major area of interest in the agricultural industry.

Meet our Grad Faculty

  • Dr. Lori Vallis

    My research investigates the development of adaptive locomotor strategies in children and, at the other end of the age spectrum, how these strategies change in elderly individuals as a result of aging...

  • Portrait of Dr. Robin Milhausen

    Robin Milhausen studies human sexuality and couple relationships using quantitative and qualitative research methods. Her program of research includes...

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