Female student nuzzling sheep in a penPhoto Contest Winner Samantha Dixon

Prospective Students

Male student in the field banding birdsPhoto Contest Winner Michael Elza

Current Students

Two female students in a lab holding petrie dishes that say STEM and the sign for female in bacteriaPhoto Contest Winner Simone Renwick

Postdoctoral Scholars

Meet our Grad Students

  • Katelyn Graham

    My research investigates how technology affects our perceptions and understanding of "original" colour, which can cause misinterpretations for studying art and colour theory in the contemporary classroom.

  • Jessica Ralston

    The Guelph campus is absolutely gorgeous year-round. The University really strives to make every inch of campus beautiful, and the arboretum combined with the old buildings and tall trees throughout campus really make Guelph a great place to be.

Meet our Grad Faculty

  • Dr. Ross McKitrick

    My research is in the area of Environmental Economics, ranging from typical economics topics like taxes and policy analysis, to more interdisciplinary work such as...

  • Portrait of Jim Uniacke

    My laboratory investigates how the protein synthesis machinery adapts to environmental stresses such as hypoxia, and how cancer cells exploit the hypoxic protein synthesis machinery for tumor progression.

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