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Prospective Students

Male student in the field banding birdsPhoto Contest Winner Michael Elza

Current Students

Two female students in a lab holding petrie dishes that say STEM and the sign for female in bacteriaPhoto Contest Winner Simone Renwick

Postdoctoral Scholars

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies News

Meet our Grad Students

  • Portrait of graduate student Valencia Gaspard (PhD, Rural Studies) in the atrium of the Albert A. Thornbrough Building, University of Guelph

    Your work matters here. Graduate researchers at U of G improve life, that's a powerful community to be part of.

  • Valerie Wong

    You will be training with some very accomplished pathologists who often treat you as their equal. You will be challenged constantly to grow as a scientist and as a person. You will learn the basic skills in science and pathology and expected to contribute more to your field than those who have trained you. 

Meet our Grad Faculty

  • Dr. Sandra Parmegiani

    European novel and culture from the eighteenth to the twentieth century. Italian literature. History of Publishing in Modern Europe. Modern English-Italian Literary Relations.

  • Portrait of Professor Jibran Kohkhar

    My research lies at the intersection between serious mental illness and drug addiction. This is a chicken-or-egg question that has been difficult to answer. By combing behavioural, pharmacological and neuroimaging approaches, we test the causal underpinnings of these co-occurring disorders.

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