Prospective StudentsPhoto by Christine Ouellett

Prospective Students

Postdoctoral StudentsPhoto by Guillaume Leblond

Postdoctoral Scholars

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies News

Meet our Grad Students

  • Allyssa Hooper

    My research will Improve Life by seeking an advanced understanding of ovarian physiology to better characterize reproductive diseases & infertility in both humans & animals. 

  • Kamala Srinivasan

    I applied to the University of Guelph because of its renowned reputation for its innovative research. 

Meet our Grad Faculty

  • Dr. Margaret Lumley

    Abnormal Development, Child/Adolescent Depression, Childhood Maltreatment, Self-Schema Structure and Content

  • Professor Karen Gordon

    Investigation of the biomechanics of soft tissues related to osteoarthritis progression.

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