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The University of Guelph upholds the principles of academic freedom and shared governance, and privacy in the use of electronic resources by our faculty, students and staff. The University website contains official pages in support of the core mission of the University or related administrative business. It also contains web pages generated by groups or individuals whose expressed views do not necessarily represent the views of the University of Guelph.

The University does not actively monitor or control web content. However, when the University receives a notification of an alleged violation of law or policy, we investigate and address violations accordingly.


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The University of Guelph respects your privacy. Our Privacy Policy explains how and why we collect certain information online, and how we use that information. This policy will explain how you can prevent collection of certain information about yourself, if you choose.


We welcome any questions, comments or concerns you might have with regard to the University and this website. Please send your feedback to either the University's Web Strategy Manager or to the contact listed on the specific department, unit, individual or organization website.