Domain Names

For purposes of communication within the campus network and with the rest of the worldwide internet community, the University of Guelph's "identity" consists of the network (IP) number 131.104.XXX.XXX and domain names ending with "" Domain names can refer to servers, workstations or other devices that are accessible via the internet.

Virtual Hostnames

The University of Guelph has traditionally allocated Web server addresses beginning with the standard URL "" followed by a slash (/) and the name of the University of Guelph entity requesting the address. This results in the Web address for the Department of Philosophy, for example, of "" This will continue to be the standard format for recognized University of Guelph units. (Personal Web addresses must be in the form "": the "XXXX" in this case generally being the central login id of the individual.)

The University of Guelph will accept requests for Web server addresses in the form "", or "", provided that the "XXXX" clearly and unambiguously designates a unique University of Guelph entity. Thus, the address for the McLaughlin Library is "" ("lib" clearly designating the library). The entity designated must be a logical subunit of the University of Guelph, such as a college, department or other affiliated unit. Addresses such as "" and "" are not logical subunits of the University of Guelph, are generic names applicable to multiple units, and would thus be unacceptable as Webserver addresses. It would be possible, however, to qualify this address with the department name, an example being "".


Requests for new domain names or web server addresses should be submitted to the University's Website Manager who will then forward approved domain names to the appropriate staff in Computing and Communications Services for implementation. The conditions under which these addresses are assigned and used are subject to the University of Guelph's Web Publishing Guidelines.