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Register for Pre-Flight, a program for new undergraduate students with learning disabilities.

PSYC*1300 Learning Disabilities: Experience to Understanding is a credit course for students with disabilities.  An online application is now available.


The University of Guelph is committed to creating a barrier-free environment.  Student Accessibility Services (formerly the Centre for Students with Disabilities) feels that providing services for students with disabilities is a shared responsibility among students, faculty and administrators.

This relationship is based on respect of individual rights, the dignity of the individual and the University community's shared commitment to an open and supportive learning environment.

The services and accommodations offered through Student Accessibility Services (SAS) are grounded on a foundation laid out in the following documents:

For detailed information about campus accessibility visit the University of Guelph's accessibility page.

Student Accessibility Services

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take the south elevator to level 3, then turn left

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