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Study Biological Sciences in Canada

The University of Guelph is known internationally for its research and teaching strengths in the biological sciences.

Our areas of strength include:

 Gain hands-on skills

through cutting-edge research facilities, field courses, co-ops, internships and other experiential learning opportunities

 Access a wide support network

of science-specific academic and career advisors, counsellors and upper-year mentors

 Gain a foundation

 for an exciting range of careers, including in health care, veterinary medicine, research, government and for-profit and not-for-profit sectors

One of top 150 universities
for life sciences
#1 research-intensive
for faculty and graduate students
30,0000 students
from 135+ countries
Top 10
places to live in Canada

Meet Junpyo

Originally from South Korea, Junpyo Lee shares his experiences in the Bio-Medical Science major, including a visit to the Human Anatomy Lab, and the support he's received since joining the University of Guelph. 

"You can always reach out to people on campus, such as the Experiential Learning Hub. That’s where you will find a lot of help, free help, with writing your resume, cover letters, preparing for your interviews."

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Health and Nutritional Science

The University of Guelph is a top choice for students interested in pursuing careers related to human health and food and nutrition. Learn from sought-after experts both in the classroom and through one-of-a-kind applied learning in labs and research centres, including the Human Anatomy Lab, the Human Nutraceutical Research Unit and the Guelph Family Health Study.

Explore our majors:

This joint program offered through the Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences and the Department of Biomedical Sciences provides students with a broad and integrated foundational overview of human and animal health through the study of function, structure, and paraclinical sciences. Learn more about Bio-Medical Science

Combine studies spanning biomedical science, chemistry, nutrition and disease at the cellular level to better understand mechanisms of toxic action. Learn more about Biomedical Toxicology

Learn in world-class facilities from top-notch faculty and obtain hands-on experience in the industrial processes such as formulation, pasteurization, sterilization, fermentation, and packaging. Learn more about Food Science

Explore human movement, physiology and nutrition at the cellular and system levels. After building a foundation of science courses in your first year, you'll dive deeper through courses in biomechanics, human physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology, among many others. Learn more about Human Kinetics

Learn about the brain and nervous system from molecular, cellular, sensory motor, physiological, and behavioural perspectives and apply these perspectives to contemporary problems in neurological disease, toxicology, motor control, and psychology. Learn more about Neuroscience

Tackle current problems in the food, pharmaceutical and natural health product industries through a deep understanding of how nutrients, phytochemicals, toxins and food processing affect the human body. Learn more about Nutritional and Nutraceutical Sciences.

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Animals and the Environment

Take your studies beyond the classroom through world-renowned research facilities on campus, including the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics, Hagen Aqualab and Phytotron greenhouses, and in the field, including at the Wildlife Research Station in Algonquin Provincial Park, Huntsman Marine Science Centre in New Brunswick, Churchill Northern Studies Centre in Manitoba and the university’s very own Arboretum.

Explore our majors:

From molecules to animal populations, explore the genetics, physiology, behaviour, welfare and nutrition of domesticated animals used in agriculture. Learn more about Animal Biology

Study freshwater and marine environments and the aquatic organisms that call them home from both biological and physical science perspectives, with a focus on sustainable management and conservation. Learn more about Marine and Freshwater Biology

This degree empowers you to explore the intricacies of plants through the study of their diversity, growth, development, environmental interactions, and various economic uses. Additionally, you will gain knowledge of advances in molecular biology, plant ecology, systematics, physiology, botany, genetics, agriculture, ethnobotany and biotechnology. Learn more about Plant Science

This major empowers you to explore the relationship between ecosystems and organisms, from the molecular level to populations, as well as ways to conserve species through natural system management and interdisciplinary approaches of ecology, evolution and conservation. Learn more about Wildlife Biology and Conservation

This major provides you with a broad foundation in animal biology and biodiversity, from the molecular to population level, with courses in physiology, ecology, evolution, and structure and function of invertebrates and vertebrates. Learn more about Zoology

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Molecular and Cellular Biology

Study the molecular and cellular processes that underpin life, explore the diversity of micro-organisms around us and dive deep into some of the biggest challenges facing humanity. Gain the hands-on skills in labs and co-op placements to kick-start your career.

Explore our majors:

Biochemistry studies the molecules and processes that underpin life by working at the interface between biology and chemistry, explaining biological processes at the molecular level and beyond to understand the world around us. Learn more about Biochemistry.

Study diverse microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi, and understand their relevance in medicine, biotechnology, food production and the environment. Broad training is offered in the areas of cell biology, immunology, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, bioinformatics and biotechnology. Learn more about Microbiology

Discover how significant advances in molecular and cellular biology can be applied to gene therapy, genetic testing, biopharmaceuticals and crop production, among other areas of study. Learn more about Molecular Biology and Genetics

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Biological Science

The Biological Science major is ideal if you have many interests across biology disciplines, or want more flexibility to direct your studies. This major is also ideal for students who want to choose a specialization in later years. 

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Bachelor of One Health


The only degree of its kind in Canada, the Bachelor of One Health at the University of Guelph brings together environmental sciences, human and animal health, agriculture and the social sciences, all in one degree. Through this multidisciplinary approach, students learn to think outside the box to address some of the most pressing human, animal and ecosystem health issues of our time, including climate change, antimicrobial resistance and pollinator health. 

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