Biomedical Science Major

Bio-Medical Science (BIOM)

Admission Requirements

Help Build a Healthier Society

 Broaden Your Knowledge of Human and Animal Health

This joint program offered through the Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences and the Department of Biomedical Sciences provides students with a broad and integrated foundational overview of human and animal health through the study of function, structure, and paraclinical sciences.

 Build Your Career Foundation

Are you interested in a career in human health and medicine? The Bio-Medical Science major will help you meet the entry requirements for medical school in Ontario. If animal health is where your interests lie, this major will prepare you to apply to Ontario Veterinary College's Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program, the #1 rated veterinary school in Canada.

 Forge Your Biomedical Career

The program prepares students for more advanced studies or applied training in many health-related fields including clinical practice, business, government, research and education.

Why Bio-Medical Science?

How do we build a healthier society?

During your studies in Bio-Medical Science, you will develop an understanding of evidence-based medicine, ethics, biases, and the environment; critically analyze biomedical research; dive into the application of research and medical technologies to disease treatment and prevention; and employ these skills in your research and studies to help impact the world around you, both locally and globally.

If you're interested in studying Bio-Medical Science, you may also be interested in Human Kinetics, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Nutritional and Nutraceutical Sciences, Biological and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biomedical Toxicology, Biological and Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience, or other majors.

BIOM Course Calendar

Meryam Tawfik
The Bio-Medical Science program is unlike any other. I have had the opportunity to engage with the professors throughout my three years here and learn from their experiences. My favourite part academically was the Human Anatomy program. Not only is it the best hands-on experience any undergraduate pre-med can dream of, but the staff is one of a kind and genuinely wants to make sure you succeed. Bio-Med is an outstanding academic program that can foster a community amongst its students and bring them closer. I am grateful to be enrolled in this fantastic program that helps you grow academically and personally. 

Meryam Tawfik, Undergraduate Student
Bio-Medical Science

What Can You Do with a Degree in Bio-Medical Science?

Bio-Medical Science graduates enjoy challenging careers in healthcare, business, nutrition and pharmacology fields, applying the knowledge and skills gained through this major to professional studies, graduate programs or a career in the health sciences.

Here are a few careers our graduates have successfully pursued: 

  • Physician
  • Dentist
  • Veterinarian 
  • Professor
  • Medical sales 
  • Medical writer 
  • Quality control officer 


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