Chemistry Stockroom

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The Chemistry Stockroom is open to the University of Guelph as a whole. 
Please note that services available vary by department.
We are open Monday to Friday from 8:30am-12:00pm, and 1:00pm-4:30pm. Excluding University Closures.

CHEM Stores/Stockroom Staff

Our Address for Pick-ups and Deliveries

University of Guelph
488 Gordon St
Science Complex, Chemistry Stockroom
Guelph, ON
N1G 1Y2

Purchasing supplies from Chem Stores

  • Please see our Inventory Link
  • The Chemistry Stockroom purchases items largely through the University's Supply Managed Contracts.
  • All items sold are transacted via a completed Chemistry Stockroom Requisition forms
  • Items are not sold for cash

Science Complex Wellness@Work Library

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Sports Equipment

  • Flag Football Set
  • Football x1
  • Volleyball x1
  • Soccer Ball x1
  • Disc Golf Set x2
  • Bocce Set x1
  • Kan Jam x1
  • Spike Ball Set
  • Frisbee
  • Deck of Cards
  • Hackysack

Board Games

  • Ticket to Ride
  • Catan
  • Cribbage
  • Chess
  • Scrabble
  • Adult colouring book with 72 pencil crayons
  • Brain teaser puzzles sorted easy to hard

Gas cylinder/tank pickup and drop-off

  • You will be contacted when your order of gas cylinders arrives
  • Tanks must be picked up as soon as possible
  • Two dual cylinder gas carts are available for cylinder transport
  • Ensure that both the safety cap and all labels are on the cylinder when it is returned

Mail delivery pick up and drop off for the departments of:

Chemistry, MCB, IB, Physics CBS & CEPS Deans Office, ADR/ADA & CBS Purchasing

  • Inbound and outbound mail for the above units is dropped off and picked up by Mail Services every Monday, Wednesday and Friday around 10am.

Building maintenance requests (including housekeeping requests)

  • Phone or email the Chemistry Stockroom directly for all building maintenance issues, give details of room number and problem
  • They will submit a report to Physical Resources and follow up as required
  • Urgent after hours requests (from 4:30 pm to 8:30 am and on weekends) can be reported to the Campus Police Dispatch at x52245

Liquid Nitrogen

  • The Chemistry Stockroom manages a safe environment for the dispensing of liquid nitrogen as well as a steady supply of liquid nitrogen. Please expand below for more details:

Chemistry Stockroom Liquid Nitrogen Service
Summerlee Science Complex Chemistry Stockroom, University of Guelph
Version 1.1, Aug 23, 2022
Chemistry Stockroom Liquid Nitrogen Service
Science Complex (Rm 1118)
***Safety First***
Training is required! The Stockroom supplies cryogenic liquid cylinders containing pressurized liquid nitrogen that is very cold (-195°C) and displaces oxygen. Access to the Liquid Nitrogen Room is restricted to those who have received liquid nitrogen training. Please report any safety issues directly to the Stockroom staff and your Principal Investigator.

Service offered: The Chemistry Stockroom staff receives and provides a regular supply of liquid nitrogen. We ensure that the equipment and environment for dispensing liquid nitrogen is safe. The Stockroom staff does not dispense liquid nitrogen.

Who is it offered to: Liquid nitrogen is available to trained lab personnel.

Training: Liquid nitrogen training consists of two parts: [1] Completion of Courselink “Chemistry Stockroom Liquid Nitrogen Service (Room 1118) which includes: (a) Review of the Liquid Nitrogen Standard Operation Procedure (CBS-SOP-020-19) (b) review of the Cryogenic Dewar Safety Guide (c) Review of the Chemistry Stockroom Liquid Nitrogen Service process and [2] a practical training session delivered by the Chemistry Stockroom Manager. Once the training has been completed, an email will be issued to the Secretary to the Chemistry Chair with you and your Supervisor on copy. This email will serve as confirmation to all on copy that you have received training and Elizabeth will grant you access to the Liquid Nitrogen Room (SSC 1118) by programming your student card. Loaning your card is strictly prohibited.

When is liquid nitrogen offered:
• Regular business hours (08:30-16:30) dispensing: Liquid nitrogen is available 24/7 however, during regular Stockroom hours, it is required that a Stockroom requisition be submitted to the Stockroom staff prior to dispensing.
• After hours dispensing: Please submit a requisition and leave in the LN2 room. Requisitions will be picked up the following morning by the Stockroom staff.
Cost & Billing: The price per litre is 0.90¢ and subject to change with notice. A Stockroom requisition must be submitted to the Stockroom staff prior to dispensing. Billing will take place on a monthly basis.

Freight Elevator Key

  • Personnel who have completed the EHS Freight Elevator Safety Course, available through Courselink, may sign out a key from the Chemistry Stockroom for short term use.

Used printer cartridges for recycling

  • Used cartridges can be dropped off at the Chem Stores wicket

Used batteries for disposal

  • Used batteries can be dropped off at the Chem Stores wicket

Yellow EH&S Hazardous Chemical Waste Tags

  • EH&S waste tags are available at the Chem Stores wicket

Equipment Disposal

  • Please contact the Chemistry Stockroom to provide guidance for equipment disposal

Equipment sign out (MCB, IB and Chemistry departments only)

MCB Personnel can sign out or reserve at Chem Stores wicket:

  • French Press, Microtip, and Macrotip parts
  • Centrifuge rotors and rotor supplies (o-rings, overspeed disks, etc)
  • Electronic equipment – laptop, projectors, laser pointers, extension cords
  • Gel doc paper (you will need to tell us the location of the gel doc (ie. room number) for our records)
  • Users must return equipment directly to Chem Stores staff and must not leave the equipment unattended on the counter

Lab coat laundering (Chemistry, MCB & IB)

Lab coat laundering is arranged at the end of every semester, August, December & April.

Please expand below for more details:

Lab coats come in contact with all manner of Chemical, Biological and Radioactive substances that are dangerous to human and environmental health. It is imperative that lab coats are handled in accordance with your units’ best practices (i.e. Autoclaved) and not offered up for cleaning if deemed a hazard.

Service offered: Newtex Ltd. offers soft water pH balanced wash, dry and return on a hanger.

When is cleaning offered: An email from the Chemistry Stockroom will be sent near the end of each semester to ensure a minimum order of 30 lab coats to cover the $75 minimum order. Offering your lab coat to the Chemistry Stockroom: Please empty the pockets and label each coat with the lab name on either the collar or pocket and drop off at the Chemistry Stockroom. They will be returned the following week.

Cost & Billing: The cost breakdown is listed below and is what the drycleaner charges with no mark-up. Billing will be transacted via a completed Stockroom requisition.

LAB COAT (Total cost per coat, including tax $3.39)

  • $2.55 plus 13% tax for a soft water pH balanced wash, dry and return on a hanger.
  • Assuming a minimum order of 30 lab coats, 45¢ per lab coat will be charged as a portion of the $16 pickup and delivery fee that the cleaner charges to each order.

TOWEL (Total cost per towel, including tax 0.34¢)

  • 0.30¢ plus 13% tax for a soft water pH balanced wash, dry and fold.