Poster Printing

Chemistry Department poster printing is not currently available. The timeline to restoring this service remains TBD.

The instructions below are not currently applicable, but have been left for once we resume printing posters.


The Department of Chemistry owns a large-format printer capable of printing posters, it is located in the Science Complex in Room 2107. Please follow the following instructions to have your poster printed.

Order Instructions

Prepare your document

  • .PPTX or .PDF (preferred)
  • Ensure that the file size is ~8MB max
  • Choose "optimized" or "online publishing" when saving from Power Point to PDF (or use compressed images)

Submit Your Document

  • Email your .PPTX or .PDF file to TBD
  • Specify
    • Dimensions (max 36 by xx inches, but typically 36"x48")
    • $30 per poster, cash or grant forms only
    • Any special instructions such as urgency, bulk order, black&white, etc.

Pick Up Confirmation

  • Once your order is ready for pick up, you will receive an automated message
  • Prepared orders will be left in the designated pick up box outside of SSC 2107
  • The payment is slid under the door upon pick up, signed grant forms can also be emailed

Facility Operation Times

  • All posters will be printed each day from 12-1:30 P.M
  • Only the orders received prior to that day's operation hours are printed. Orders received after those hours are printed the next day unless arranged otherwise.

Please note that our paper's maximum width is 36".

Our Rates

A typical 36" x 48" to 36" x 56" costs $30. Posters which are significantly larger or smaller will be quoted an individual price. If you're a Guelph Chemistry faculty, staff member or graduate student you pay half price ($15). If you plan to pay by a grant please have the grant owner complete and sign this form . If you plan to pay by cash, we can issue you a receipt. All non-University of Guelph users must pay by cash.

General Information

Our paper is a 36" wide heavyweight matte. Posters must be 36" or smaller in at least one direction. We do not have lamination equipment. We have the following software for printing Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 (Office XP), 2007 & 2010, Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop for .JPG and other bitmap formats. Please note that we do not have many exotic fonts installed. If your poster uses any, please bring along the requisite .TTF files or make a PDF.

Top Tips for Creating Posters Using Power Point

Transparency in PowerPoint

Don't put elements with Transparency on top of other elements with Transparency. This produces very unpredictable results. Some templates have transparent elements, avoid these.


Picture backgrounds should be inserted using "Insert, Picture, From File" and not via the "Format Background" command. Using "Format Background" produces backgrounds that print very pixelated.

Coloured Backgrounds Most background colours are OK. But please don't make it solid black.


Bring a PDF as a backup. Some Power Point files simply don't print or have elements that change position, size, or font. Use the "File, Save as PDF" feature to make a backup PDF and bring it along.