The Arboretum is home to over 9 km of trails. These include pathways through natural forests, fields, plant collections and gardens. Running is allowed on all of our non-forested trails (click here for more information on our running trails).

Please leave our trails how you found them. We don't allow any collecting of seeds, insects or other natural items without permission. We encourage dog walkers to utilize The Arboretum but dogs must always be on a leash and owners must stoop and scoop the poop!

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Welcome to the Ivey Trail

This 1.1-km "backbone" trail of The Arboretum starts at the Information Kiosk and ends at the J.C. Taylor Nature Centre. It provides access to most of The Arboretum's other trail systems. Sponsored by the Richard Ivey Foundation in 1989, a main objective of this trail is to encourage walking visitors to move through the grounds without following Arboretum Road.

Starting at the kiosk, this brochure describes the features of the Ivey Trail and its adjoining trails. The trail is identified by a white "IVEY" on the trail posts. The other trail post symbols that you will encounter are illustrated in the brochure below with their corresponding trail or collection. The information kiosk is located at the entrance to The Arboretum.

Find a PDF of our Ivey Trail Brochure below this article

Trillium Trail

This 2.0-km loop passes through 10 plant collections and crosses many other Arboretum trails. It is the best trail for jogging and cross-country skiing. If you go northwest along this trail, it will take you to the Roy Hammond Rotary Tree Grove. This collection displays over 30 species and varieties of hardy native and exotic trees suitable for roadside planting in cities and suburbs.

Join Us Year Round For Group Walks and Tours

If you have binoculars, please bring them to all walks - they're not just for bird watching!

Self-Guided Tours

Come for a nature walk along one of many trails and enjoy The Arboretum's wide array of plants and 1,700 species of trees and shrubs. Brochures describing the trails and plant collections are available at the Information Kiosk located at The Arboretum entrance and throughout the grounds. Arboretum grounds are open dawn to dusk, year round. Admission is free.

Wednesday Evening Summer Walks

Each Wednesday from June 1 - August 31 a walk will begin at the J.C. Taylor Centre at 7 p.m. and run until approximately 8:30 p.m. The cost is $2 per person and children under 5 are free

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