Faculty Members | Ontario Agricultural College

Faculty Members

Areas of Study

Animal Bioscience

Behaviour and welfare

Renée Bergeron (dairy and swine)
Trevor DeVries (dairy)
Alexandra Harlander (poultry)
Katrina Merkies (equine)
Stephanie Torrey (poultry)
Dan Tulpan ( computational biology )
Tina Widowski (poultry)

Breeding, genetics and genomics

Christine Baes (dairy and poultry)
Angela Cánovas (beef and small ruminants)
Filippo Miglior (dairy)
Andy Robinson (swine and fish)
Flavio Schenkel (dairy)

Animal product quality

John Cant (dairy)
Marcio Duarte (meat science and muscle biology)
Rich Moccia (aquaculture)
Katie Wood (beef)

Nutrition and modelling

Dominique Bureau (aquaculture)
Jennifer Ellis (animal systems modelling)
David Huyben (aquaculture)
Ming Fan (swine)
Elijah Kiarie (poultry)
Vern Osborne (ruminant)
Anna-Kate Shoveller (companion animals)
Dan Tuplan (bioinformatics)

Physiology and molecular biology

Grégoy Bédécarrats (poultry)
Lee-Anne Huber (swine)
Niel Karrow (ruminant)
Julang Li (swine)
Wendy Pearson (equine)
Eduardo Ribeiro (dairy)
Michael Steele (dairy calves and young ruminants )
E James Squires (swine)

Capacity Development and Extension

Ataharul Chowdhury (capacity development)
Helen Hambly Odame (social analysis of agricultural innovation)
Al Lauzon (rural change and development)

Environmental Sciences

Ecosystem Science and Biodiversity

Madhur Anand (global ecological change)
Sue Chiblow (Indigenous environmental science)
Catherine M. Dieleman (boreal forest ecology)
Jackie Goordial (environmental microbiology)

Ernesto Guzman (honey bee biology and health)
Marc Habash (microbial science)
Jesse Popp (Indigenous environmental science)
Ryan Prosser (environmental toxicology)
Nigel Raine (pollinator conservation)
Neil Rooney (combining environmental science and traditional knowledge)
Jonathan Schmidt (insect biology)
Paul Sibley (environmental toxicology)
Andrew Young (insect biology)

Plant and Environmental Health

Brandon Gilroyed (renewable energy)
Paul Goodwin (plant-microbe interactions)
Rebecca Hallett (integrated pest management)
Tom Hsiang (plant pathology)
Hung Lee (environmental microbiology)
Cynthia Scott-Dupree (sustainable pest management)
Youbin Zheng (plant production in controlled environments)

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Emmanuelle Arnaud (glacial deposits and water quality)
Asim Biswas (soil science)
Kari Dunfield (environmental microbiology)
Adam Gillespie (soil biochemistry)

Susan Glasauer (biogeochemistry)
Thomas Graham (controlled environment agriculture)

Beverly Hale (soil remediation)
Richard Heck (soil science)
Scott Krayenoff (land-atmosphere interactions)
John Lauzon (nutrient cycling and management)
James Longstaffe (environmental chemistry)
Ivan O'Halloran (soil fertility management)
Laura Van Eerd (agricultural systems and soil health)
Paul Voroney (soil science)
Claudia Wagner-Riddle (land-atmosphere interactions)
Jon Warland (land-atmosphere interactions)

Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics

Sylvanus K. Afesorgbor (international political economy)
Andreas Boecker (marketing and traceability)
John Cranfield (food economics and marketing)
Brady Deaton (natural resources in food production)
Glenn Fox (agricultural and resource economics)
Getu Hailu (production economics)
Spencer Henson (food safety and quality economics)
Alan Ker (insurance and risk)
Yu Na Lee (risk and uncertainty)
Tongzhe Li (experimental economics)
Jose Ledesma-Jose (experimental economics)
Rakhal Sarker (exchange rate variability and trade)
Mike von Massow (economics of food demand)
Richard Vyn (land economics and marketing)
Alfons Weersink (agri-environmental policy)

Food Science

Shai Barbut (meat structure and quality)
Maria G. Corradini ( Food quality design and measurement) 
Lisa Duizer (sensory properties of food)
Jeff Farber (food safety)
Douglas Goff (physical chemistry and structure of food)
Lawrence Goodridge (food safety)
Arthur Hill (dairy science and technology)
Iris Joye (cereal science and technology)
Gisèle LaPointe (dairy microbiology)
Loong-Tak Lim (food packaging)
Alejandro Marangoni (physical properties of fats and oils)
Massimo Marcone (food chemistry)
Don Mercer (food processing)
Yoshinori Mine (molecular food science)
Michael Rogers (health implications of what we eat)
Paul Spagnuolo (nutraceuticals)
Keith Warriner (food safety)

Landscape Architecture

Nadia Amoroso (visual communication and digital design)
Afshin Ashari (design media and professional practice)
Steve Clarke (regenerative and resilient communities)
Robert Corry (agricultural land conservation)
Larry Harder (professional practice and technical aspects of design)
Martin Holland (intersection of landscape design and cultural studies)
Sean Kelly (design and planning of destination resorts)
Karen Landman (green infrastructure and urban agriculture)
Zannah Matson (histories and contemporary reinterpretations of landscapes)
Brendan Stewart (cultural heritage planning)

Plant Agriculture

Breeding and Biotechnologies

Helen Booker (wheat breeding and genetics)
Mehrzad Eskandari (soybean)
Elizabeth Lee (maize)
Lewis Lukens (bioinformatics and quantitative genetics)
K. Peter Pauls (beans)
Istvan Rajcan (soybeans)
Jayasankar Subramanian (tree fruit)
John Sulik (precision agriculture) 
David Wolyn (asparagus)

Physiology and Biochemistry

Gale Bozzo (post-harvest and secondary metabolism)
Hugh Earl (oilseeds and agronomy)
Katerina Serlemitsos Jordan (turfgrass science and nematology)
Eric Lyons (turfgrass science)
Barry Micallef (greenhouse vegetables)
Praveen Saxena (plant cell technology)
Francois Tardif (weed science)

Production Systems

John Cline (pomology)
Chris Gillard (dry bean agronomy)
David Hooker (field crop agronomy)
Melanie Kalischuk (specialty crops)
Joshua Nasielski (agronomy and crop physiology)
Mary Ruth McDonald (protection of vegetable crops)
Manish Raizada (microbes and sustainable agriculture kits)
Darren Robinson (weed management)
Art Schaafsma (entomology and pathology)
Kimberley Schneider (forage and service crops)
Peter Sikkema (weed management)
John Sulik (remote sensing)
Rene Van Acker (weed science)


Amar Mohanty (biomaterials and transportation)
Manjusri Misra (biomaterials and nanotechnology)

Rural Planning

Nicholas Brunet (environmental management)
Wayne Caldwell (rural studies and development)
Leith Deacon (sustainable community planning development)  
John Devlin (development and policy)
Sara Epp (agricultural planning)
Ryan Gibson (rural and regional development)
Dave Guyadeen (plan development, implementation, and evaluation)
Sheri Longboat (environmental challenges facing Indigenous peoples)
Silvia Sarapura (rural planning for development)