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Professor Shai Barbut
Professor Emeritus
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519 824 4120 extension 53669
Food Science Building - Room 222

Professor Emeritus

Shai recieved Professor Emeritus status alongside his colleague Dr. Doug Goff, at the fall 2024 convocation ceremoy. Video of the presentation by Dr. Larry Goodridge is avaialble here:

Shai's research focuses on factors affecting meat quality, protein gelation with an emphasis on structure function relationships, rheological properties and food safety.

Academic History

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin
M.Sc. University of Wisconsin
B.Sc. University of Jerusalem


  • Institute of Food Technologists -  Fellow

  • Wageningen University

  • American Meat Science Association

  • World Poultry Science

  • Poultry Science (American)

  • Agriculture Canada - Expert Committee on Meat

  • USDA - Poultry Meat Processing Workgroup 

Professor Shai Barbut

Research Impact

  • Meat and poultry primary and further processing.

  • Use of non-meat ingredients to enhance texture, acceptability, and yield of meat products (e.g., use of organogels, hydrocolloid gums, non-chloride salts, soy/dairy proteins).

  • Structure and function relationships within protein gel matrixes (using small and large deformation techniques, microscopy, X-ray).

  • Safety of processed meat products (e.g., inactivation of E. coli O157:H7 in dry fermented products; validation of critical control points to reduce Salmonella).   

Graduate Student InformationProfessor Shai Barbut and his students in front of the Food Science building

Myopathies in poultry meat (PhD Thesis: S. Che, and  MSc Thesis: C. Wang)

Organogels - replacement of animal fat in processed meat products (MSc Thesis B. Tiensa)

Mechanisms of alginate gelation and use as meat casing co-extrusion systems (PhD. Thesis: A. Harper)

Microstructure and mechanical properties of ethyl-cellulose organogels (PhD. Thesis: A. Zetzl)

Investigating collagen dispersions and their use as sausage casings material (MSc. Thesis: M. Ioi)

Mechanisms of meat emulsion stabilization with and without various oils / fats (PhD. Thesis: M. Youssef)

Use of bioluminescent Salmonella enteriditis to determine bacteria movement in tumbled, marinated chicken fillets (MSc Thesis: L. Moza)

Properties of Malva nut gum and its effect on the microstructure and rheological properties of meat batters (PhD. Thesis: P. Somboonpayakul)

Methods to study the distribution of lactic acid bacteria and E. coli 0157:H7 in fermented sausages (Masters Thesis: N. Lee)

Mechanisms of calcium induced cold gelation of whey proteins (PhD. Thesis: P. Hongsprabhas)

The pale soft and exudative (PSE) problem in poultry meat and ways to improve meat quality (Masters Thesis: L. Zhang)

Pressure resistance of E. coli upon exposure to low temperature (MSc Thesis: N. Henry)

Featured Publications

Text Books

Barbut, S. 2015. The Science of Poultry and Meat Processing. ISBN978-0-88955-626-3.  (Free download of the whole book / individual chapters) See also Spanish and Chinese versions.

Barbut, S. 2002. Poultry Products Technology - An Industry Guide.  CRC Press, New York, NY.

Barbut, S. 2012. Producing Battered and Breaded Meat Products. Meat Processing Tech Series. Lulu Pub.

Zetzl, K., Marangoni, A.G. and Barbut, S.  2014.  Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ethlycellulose Organogels.  Scholar Press.  ISBN 978-3-639-71072-4.

Publications – Examples  (+ 300 refereed  publications)


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Invited Lectures / Seminars - Examples

  • Dry and Semi Dry Sausage - Short Course - Iowa State University

  • Thermal Processing of Ready to Eat Meats - Short Course - Ohio State University

  • HACCP in Poultry Plants - Kasetsart University, Thailand

  • Meat Further Processing - University of San Paulo, Brazil

  • Egg Processing – Mid West Poultry School - University of Wisconsin

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