Research Collaboration

Areas of Research

The Department of Food Science at the University of Guelph serves as the hub for local, national and international collaborations, and is one of the world's premier food science departments.

Dr. Shai Barbut

Poultry, meat and egg products; meat microbiology, gelation and structure

Dr. Benjamin Bohrer

Meat science and muscle biology, beef, pork, poultry, meat quality, meat yield, processed meat

Dr. Maria Corradini

Dr. Lisa Duizer

Descriptive sensory analysis techniques; the use of novel sensory techniques to characterize food; sensory perception and aging

Dr. Jeff Farber

Applied food microbiology; fish and seafood safety, meat safety, dairy safety, produce safety, risk assessment; risk communication

Dr. Douglas Goff

Structure and physical and biological functionality of food hydrocolloids. Ice cream science and technology. Processing, physical chemistry and structure of dairy products and frozen foods

Dr. Lawrence Goodridge

Ways to detect and control food-borne and water-borne bacterial pathogens such as E. Coli, Salmonella and Listeria

Dr. Arthur Hill

Cheese science and technology, dairy processing, risk analysis

Dr. Iris Joye

Cereal science and technology, gluten functionality, encapsulation, protein particles, protein structure and interactions

Dr. Gisèle LaPointe

Dairy and food microbiology, food and human microbiota, probiotics and prebiotics, bioactive ingredients

Dr. Loong-Tak Lim

Food packaging, biopolymer films, active/intelligent packaging, electrospinning, encapsulation, coffee

Dr. Alejandro Marangoni

 Food chemistry and physics, physical properties of fats and oils

Dr. Massimo Marcone

Food chemistry and analysis, functional foods, soy proteins, food exotics

Dr. Donald Mercer

Science of food processing with emphasis on food dehydration and drying

Dr. Yoshinori Mine

Bioactive peptides and amino acids in chronic inflammation, cell signalling, and bioinformatics. Food allergy and  molecular allergology

Dr. Michael Rogers   

Food nanotechnology, gel chemistry, food processing and nutrient bioaccessibility, physical chemistry of foods 

Dr. Paul Spagnuolo     

Nutraceuticals, cell and molecular mechanisms of food-derived bioactives, cancer, metabolism

Dr. Keith Warriner    

Fresh produce safety, meat microbiology, high pressure processing, UV based interventions, water recycling, diagnostics