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Final Examination for the Degree of MSc Food Science - Myra Siddiqi  

Examining Committee   Dr. Iris Joye, Chair   Dr. Gisele LaPointe, Advisor   Dr. Arthur Hill, Advisory Committee Member    Dr. Lawrence Goodridge, Department Member     TITLE: CHARACTERIZING BACTERIAL DIVERSITY IN UNDEFINED DAIRY STARTER CULTURES USED FOR CHEDDAR CHEESE PRODUCTION     ABSTRACT:    Mesophilic mixed cultures commonly used in Cheddar cheese production contain strains of bacteria with a limited number of species, usually a mix of Lactococcus lactis subspecies cremoris  and  ...

Final Examination for the Degree of MSc Food Science - Mubashira Zaidi

Examining Committee   Dr. Yoshi Mine, Chair   Dr. Jeffrey Faber, Advisor   Dr. Sampathkumar Balamurugan, Co-Advisor    Dr. Keith Warriner, Department Member     TITLE: UV RESPONSE OF CRONOBACTER SAKAZAKII IN BUFFER AND PARTLY SKIMMED MILK USING A LOW-PRESSURE COLLIMATED BEAM AND DEAN FLOW-THROUGH REACTOR   ABSTRACT:   In this era of novel and new inactivation techniques in foods, ultraviolet radiation is one of the promising methods. Using UV light for the inactivation of pathogens in...
Ice cream course lab

Ice Cream Technology Short Course

This course is designed for small to large scale manufacturers, suppliers and retailers. Of particular interest to those in production, quality assurance, R&D and technical sales. This course is also suitable for those interested in starting their own ice cream manufacturing business, whether they have previous ice cream making experience or not.

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