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Final Examination for the Degree of PhD - Yan Wang

Examining Committee Dr. Lisa Duizer, Chair Dr. Gisele LaPointe, Advisor Dr. Steve Cui, Advisory Committee Member Dr. Keith Warriner, Department Member Dr. Michael Gaenzle, University of Alberta, External Examiner TITLE: MICROBIAL UTILIZATION OF ARABINOGALACTAN AND EFFECTS ON HUMAN GUT  MICROBIOTA IN RESPONSE TO BIFIDOBACTERIA SUPPLEMENTATION ABSTRACT: Arabinogalactan(AG)may improve the abundance of bifidobacteria and the concentration of butyrate in the gut. However, bifidobacteria...

Final Examination for the Degree of MSc - Olivia Romaniw

Examining Committee Dr. Iris Joye, Chair  Dr. Lisa Duizer, Advisor  Dr. Alison Duncan, Advisory Committee Member  Dr. Massimo Marcone, Department Member TITLE: GOING BEYOND LIKING SCORES: USING POPULATION SEGMENTATION AND FOOD-EVOKED EMOTIONS IN SENSORY EVALUATION OF FOODS FOR OLDER CONSUMERS ABSTRACT: The overall aim of this thesis was to evaluate food-related factors during sensory testing that could provide useful information...

17th Annual & 1st Virtual Guelph Food Safety Seminars Symposium

On the Menu: Food Safety in the Time of COVID Welcome to the 17th annual and 1st virtual Guelph Food Safety Seminars Symposium. At the risk of COVID fatigue, it is the inevitable topic for 2020. In addition to the tragic loss of lives, SARS-CoV-2 has had an immense impact on our way of life. In what ways have the new protocols, routines and behaviours led to unintended consequences? Did the hoarding...

Final Examination for the Degree of PhD  - Atinuke Olajide  

Examining Committee Dr. Michael Rogers, Chair Dr. Gisele LaPointe, Advisor Dr. Shu Chen, Advisory Committee Member Dr. Arthur Hill, Department Member Dr. Martin Wiedmann, Cornell University, External Examiner TITLE: AN INVESTIGATION OF THE SPORE FORMING BACTERIA IN A CHEDDAR CHEESE PROCESSING PLANT LOCATED IN ONTARIO, CANADA ABSTRACT: Spore forming bacteria continue to be a source of concern for dairy processors mostly for their spoilage and less frequently for their pathogenic attributes....

Ice Cream Technology Short Course

This course is designed for small to large scale manufacturers, suppliers and retailers. Of particular interest to those in production, quality assurance, R&D and technical sales. This course is also suitable for those interested in starting their own ice cream manufacturing business, whether they have previous ice cream making experience or not.

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