Canadian Research Institute for Food Safety (CRIFS)

Canadian Research Institute for Food Safety

Food safety has always been of utmost importance to consumers and food manufacturers alike. Food recalls and outbreaks continue to affect consumers every day. These events, coupled with changes in U.S. and Canada food safety regulations, present a challenge to food manufacturing companies seeking to demonstrate compliance through validation of their processes and procedures. 

The Canadian Research Institute for Food Safety (CRIFS) provides scientific and technical support to companies that need to validate their process, demonstrate compliance with regulations, conduct shelf-life studies, troubleshoot food safety and quality issues such as pathogen control, and conduct food safety risk assessments.  CRIFS is a Biosafety Level 2 facility with faculty from multiple disciplines who teach, train, and conduct food safety research.  We provide custom made solutions for your specific needs, using official microbial methods and/or complementing them with novel molecular techniques.

If you are looking for a partner for that special project not routinely done in your facility, CRIFS has the expertise, infrastructure and passion for science-based solutions. 

Technical Services

Molecular Diagnostics of microbial agents such as causes of spoilage or bacterial pathogens using

  • Ribotyping
  • Quantitative PCR
  • DGGE

Validation of food processes, novel technologies or microbial applications

  • Challenge studies
  • Shelf life studies
  • Minimum inhibitory concentration

Technical support for the development of pathogen control solutions