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Final Examination for the Degree of MSc Food Science - ZIYU (AMY) ZHOU  

DEFENCE ANNOUNCEMENT    Final Examination for the Degree of MSc - ZIYU (AMY) ZHOU  Examining Committee   Dr. Michael Rogers, Chair   Dr. Benjamin Bohrer, Advisor   Dr. Lisa Duizer, Advisory Committee Member    Dr. Shai Barbut, Department Member     TITLE: ASSESSING VARIATION IN CARCASS WEIGHT AND LEANNESS OF ONTARIO PORK     ABSTRACT:   
bean to bar chocolate

Cancelled - Chocolate short course: The science behind a dark chocolate bar

Chocolate Science Short Course Learn about the science behind making a dark chocolate bar. Work with Forastero, Criollo and Trinitario beans to learn about the physical characteristics of the fermented and dried beans. Evaluate aromas, flavours and texture. Understand the chemistry of roasting and conching steps as well as the role of each ingredient. Who is the course designed for?

Postponed: Food Science Graduate Research Day

This inaugural Food Science Graduate Research Day will provide the opportunity to Food Science graduate students to highlight their academic achievements and communicate their cutting-edge research to fellow academics and the Canadian Food Sector. MSc and PhD Food Science graduate students will present their research in the areas of Food Safety/Microbiology Food Chemistry Food Processing   Agenda Morning -

MSc Defence - VIVIAN LY "Survival and Virulence of Listeria Monocytogenes During Long-Term Storage on Chocolate Liquor, Corn Flakes and Dry-Roasted Pistachios"

Examining Committee Dr. Paul Spagnuolo, Chair Dr. Jeff Farber, Advisor Dr. Gisele LaPointe, Advisory Committee Member Dr. Lawrence Goodridge, Department Member TITLE: SURVIVAL AND VIRULENCE OF LISTERIA MONOCYTOGENES DURING LONG-TERM STORAGE ON CHOCOLATE LIQUOR, CORN FLAKES AND DRY-ROASTED PISTACHIOS

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