Brady Deaton, Jr.

Professor Deaton is Professor and McCain Family Chair in Food Security in the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Guelph.  His research focuses on natural resources in food production, rural development, and environmental quality. Property rights and ownership of natural resources figure prominently in his research and teaching efforts. He has examined the relationships between natural resources and economic development in a number of different settings including: Canada, First Nations, the United States, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Haiti. In 2017 he gave testimony before sub-committees of both the Canadian Senate and the House of Commons on issues related to farmland and farmland ownership. In 2010, he founded a podcast series called FARE Talk. The podcasts address important contemporary issues in food, agricultural, and resource economics. It is available here: <>. He has served as an editor of the Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics and is currently president-elect of the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society. 


2017 Ontario Farmland Value and Farmland Rental Survey:

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Ontario Farmland Value and Farmland Rental Survey Presentation

View The 2017 Farmland Value and Rental Value Survey

View The 2016 Farmland Value and Rental Value Survey


Two previous studies:

  • Do Farmland Ownership Patterns Explain Variation In Farmland Rental
  • Does Tenure Status Influence the Adoption of Agricultural Management Practices?

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Professor & McCain Family Chair in Food Security

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Research Impact

Resource Economics, Property in Land, Food and Agricultural Standards, Anticommons, Hedonic Methods.



Brady Speaking At The Senate    Brady Speaking At The OAC Convocation


Paul Krugman's Geography and Trade - Reviewed by Zachary Daly (Video)

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