Graduate Student Contacts

Here you can find contact information for Graduate students currently studying with the department.
Name Position J.D. MacLachlan Building #25 E-mail
Alexandra DesRochers M.Sc. Candidate
Andrews Sai M.Sc. Candidate
Anh Chung M.Sc. Student MCLN 002
Anna Russo Spena M.Sc. Candidate
Bahman Pourtaherian Ph.D. Candidate MCLN 002
Caitlin Kroetsch M.Sc. Student MCLN 002
Cinthia Zarate-Chirinos M.Sc. Candidate MCLN 010 - FARE Building
Emily Gibson M.Sc. Candidate
Esther Metieh M.Sc. Student MCLN 011
Jamie Naylor Ph.D. Candidate MCLN 309