Faculty Contacts

Here you can find contact information for Faculty members of the Department of FARE in the J.D. MacLachlan Building #25.
The University of Guelph phone number is 519-824-4120.

Namesort descending Position Specialization Office Phone E-mail
Boecker Andreas Associate Professor

Acting Associate Dean Academic, Ontario Agricultural College ;
Innovation, with a focus on Marketing and Traceability;
Food-related Risk Perception of Consumers, with a focus on New Technologies;
Communication about Technologies and Production Practices in Food and Agriculture.

Room 137 JH / Room 323 MCLN ext. 53332 aboecker@uoguelph.ca
Cranfield John Professor & Department Chair

Food economics & marketing; innovation; anthropometric & economic history

Room 314 ext. 53532 jcranfie@uoguelph.ca
Deaton Brady Professor & McCain Family Chair in Food Security

Land Economics; Food Security; Rural Development; Property Rights

Room 321 ext. 52765 bdeaton@uoguelph.ca
Fox Glenn Professor

Methodology; Property Rights and Natural Resource Stewardship;

Room 322 ext. 52768 gfox@uoguelph.ca
Hailu Getu <p>Associate Professor </p> <p>Editor, Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics</p> <p> Associate Editor, Journal of Agribusiness in Developing & Emerging Economies </p>

 Production Economics (Productivity and Efficiency), Agribusiness Finance, Risk Management, Demand Analysis

Room 327 ext. 53890 ghailu@uoguelph.ca
Henson Spencer Professor

Economics of Food Safety and Quality; Food and Agricultural Development Issues

Room 220 ext. 53134 shenson@uoguelph.ca
Ker Alan Director and Professor, Institute for the Advanced Study of Food and Agricultural Policy

Insurance and Risk;
Nonparametric Econometrics;
Yield Volatilities, Innovation, and Climate Change

Room 312 ext. 53236 aker@uoguelph.ca
Lee Yu Na Assistant Professor

Risk and Uncertainty; Development; Agribusiness; Experimental Economics

Room 308, JD MacLachlan Building ext. 53427 ylee13@uoguelph.ca
Sarker Rakhal Associate Professor

Exchange Rate Variability and Trade; Economics of Trade Disputes;

Room 318 ext. 52173 rsarker@uoguelph.ca
von Massow Mike Associate Professor

Structure and Performance of Food Value Chains, Economics of food demand - both restaurant and retail, Management Science/Operations, Pricing Strategy

Room 305, JD MacLachlan Building ext. 56347 mvonmass@uoguelph.ca
Vyn Richard Richard Vyn

Land Economics, Marketing, Production Economics

Room 303, Reek Building, Ridgetown Campus ext. 63552 rvyn@uoguelph.ca
Weersink Alfons Professor

Agri-environmental Policy; Farm Structure; Production Economics;

J.D. MacLachlan Building, Room 222, Guelph Campus ext. 52766 aweersin@uoguelph.ca