The Division of Student Affairs is comprised of six different departments that report to the Office of Student Affairs which provide essential services to students, staff, faculty, and community members. The Division is committed to helping each student develop as a person, scholar, and citizen.

Message for Students

To receive maximum benefit while attending the University of Guelph, the Division encourages each student to get involved. As well as being fun, participation at the University and in the greater community can help develop transferable skills for the future. While the Division hopes each student's experience will be positive, it has numerous people to help if any student experiences difficulty. Don't hesitate to ask for support, as the staff within Student Affairs are dedicated to helping students achieve their goals and overcome obstacles.

Message for Friends & Families

Transitioning to university is a process for students. This process could require the support from both on-campus services and loved ones. As such, the Division created a handbook that informs friends and families how they can support a student who is transitioning during what is known as the first year experience. The handbook includes information about the typical first year experience and identifies on-campus resources that are available to support students during such a transition. Visit the Centre for New Students' website to download a copy of the Handbook for Friends & Families.