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Welcome to our webpage where we proudly shine a spotlight on the remarkable skills and talents of our diverse and vibrant student community. We firmly believe that our students are the heart and soul of our institution, and this platform is dedicated to celebrating their achievements, passions, and unique contributions. Each student featured here has a story to share, demonstrating the endless possibilities for growth and success. Whether it's through academic pursuits, community engagement, or personal development, our students continually inspire us. Join us in celebrating their accomplishments and discovering the many opportunities that await within our vibrant community.

MaryAnn May

MaryAnn May

Psychology, Family and Child Studies, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences

My two-year journey with the University of Guelph’s Athletics Department has been pivotal in shaping both my personal and professional growth. Studying Psychology with a minor in Family and Child Studies, my focus is on supporting vulnerable communities' mental and physical health. I firmly believe exercise is vital for self-care, significantly aiding stress management and overall well-being.

Initially as an Undergraduate Research Assistant (URA), I concentrated on enhancing the inclusivity of athletic facilities and programs for students of diverse backgrounds. Then as the Gryphons Empowered by Movement (GEM) Program Facilitator, who guides peers in using physical activity to improve mental health, my understanding of its positive impact has deepened. Advocating for accessible physical activity on campus has improved my critical thinking and communication skills, vital for any career path I take. My roles as a URA and GEM Facilitator have aligned perfectly with my goals, affirming the power of physical activity to positively impact well-being. It has been an invaluable part of my personal and academic growth. I strongly encourage all students to use their recreation memberships and engage in Athletics programming here at the U of G.

Jayda Cacciotti

Jayda Cacciotti

Child Studies, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences

Participating in the FRHD*3200 practicum at the Child Care and Learning Centre (CCLC) within CSAHS has positively shaped my student experience both inside and outside of the classroom. As someone deeply committed to bettering lives, especially for future generations, the CCLC became an ideal space to explore how my passion aligns with a potential career path.

Through a 144-hour practicum coupled with engaging seminars, my path towards becoming an occupational therapist was significantly influenced. This experience allowed me to closely engage with children, refining my observational skills and deepening my comprehension of their developmental processes. Working directly with children, families, and professionals equipped me with diverse practical skills, fostering problem-solving, professionalism, and effective documentation. The program educators were focused on teaching me to identify and meet the learning and developmental needs of children during this immersive experience. The opportunity has ingrained invaluable lessons that will echo throughout my career. 

I wholeheartedly endorse the practicum experience at CCLC to fellow students. It's a chance to gain substantial work experience and receive guidance from seasoned professionals. Being a practicum student was an honor, immersing me in a community brimming with warmth, love, and creativity.