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What will restaurants look like in the future?  What will hospitality mean?  Mike and Bruce McAdams from UofG talk about the future of restaurants and what we might see as we emerge from the COVID19 pandemic.  They cover issues from labour and pricing to de

What will restaurants look like as they re-open after COVID-19 lockdowns? This episode is the first half of Mike's conversation with his friend and coll

Flour has never been as cool. Temporary shortages coupled with a surge in baking as people are staying at home during the pandemic has brought flour into the mainstream. In this episode, Mike talks to Melissa McKeown who runs 1847 Milling, a micro miller in southwestern Ontario. They talk about starting and running a small farm based food business, competing against the giants, and some of the challenges such as rural internet access.

In this episode Dr. Michael von Massow has a conversation with Dana McCauley from the University of Guelph about food innovation and trends and how they are changing given the COVID19 pandemic.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the agri-food system has experienced unprecedented demand shocks.

FARE faculty Alan Ker, OAC Research Chair in Agricultural Risk and Policy, has been invited by the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food to submit a brief on the topic of

FARE PhD graduate GianCarlo Moschini has been named a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Economics,