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In this episode, Mike chats with Dr Beth Ventura about animal welfare. Beth is a teaching professor in animal welfare and behaviour at the University of Minnesota.

In their joint “Guelph Statement” Canada's federal, provincial and territorial Ministers of Agriculture set the direction for the next agricultural framework.

Labelling foods with genetically modified ingredients has been a contentious debate. Some argue labelling is unnecessary and causes undue alarm. Others suggest consumers have a right to know. There remains a question as to whether it matters to consumers and whether labels will make any difference at all even if we do label.

Today, Beverley Hale, U of G Associate Vice-President Research (Agri-Food Partnership) announced the appointment of two Research Program Directors.

FARE Emeritus Karl Meilke, together with FARE PhD graduates Zahoor ul Haq and Hina Nazli were rewarded with the Publication of Enduring Quality Award of the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society for their 2008 article, 

Amanda received the Honorable Mention in the Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award for her MSc thesis, “

Alan Ker, OAC Research Chair in Agricultural Risk and Policy and Director of the Institute of Food and Agricultural Policy has been named Fellow of the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society (CAES).