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FARE Emeritus Karl Mielke, together with FARE PhD graduates Zahoor ul Haq and Hina Nazli were rewarded with the Publication of Enduring Quality Award of the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society for their 2008 article, 

Amanda received the Honorable Mention in the Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award for her MSc thesis, “

Alan Ker, OAC Research Chair in Agricultural Risk and Policy and Director of the Institute of Food and Agricultural Policy has been named Fellow of the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society (CAES).

Brady Deaton, McCain Family Chair in Food Security, won the Outstanding CJAE Article Award by the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society (CAES) with co-authors Alexander Scholz (MSc student, FARE) and Bethany Lipka (Research Associate, FARE)  for their paper, An empirical assessment of food security on First Nations in Canada.” Canadian Journal of Agricultural

Yu Na Lee, Assistant Professor with FARE since 2017, won the Best Paper Award in Applied Risk Analysis by Agricultural & Applied Economics Association, Applied Risk Analysis Section, with co-authors Marc Bellemare, University of Minnesota, and David Just, Cornell University, for their paper, “Producer Attitudes toward Output Price Risk: Experimental Evidence from the Lab and from the Field.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 102.3 (2020): 806-825.

The Guelph student chapter of the Canadian Agri-Marketing Association (CAMA) has won the Student Competition at the Annual NAMA Agri-Marketing Conference. 25 to 30 teams from universities and colleges in the USA and Canada participate in this conference every year.

University of Guelph Food and Agricultural Business student Radine Kruisselbrink placed 3rd in the National Agri-Marketing Association sales competition this week.  This competition brings students from across North American together (virtually) to role play an agricultural sales call.  Radine advanced from the preliminary round with a strong call where she worked through the soybean seed a