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Dairy farmers in Canada are being asked to dump milk as the processors to whom it is assigned cannot use it right now. This is difficult to understand in a time where we are seeing empty grocery stores shelves. In this blog post I discuss why this is happening.  Click here.

Dr. Kwaku Afesorgbor and graduate student Brendan McDougall present their research results on the importance of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) for expanding the market access for the Canadian Agri-Food sector. They show that FTAs vary widely in their impacts, as they are influenced by a complex and dynamic environment.

We hope everyone of you is safe these days and not too badly impacted by the consequences of social distancing. While FARE has been focusing on moving courses and exams online, our research continues.

The food options we have available today are constantly evolving and expanding. As palettes and dietary restrictions change, food scientists and product developers are racing to keep up. Ben Carnevale, food scientist with Blendtek Ingredients, knows all about food product innovation and chances are good he’s been involved in bringing some of your favourite food products to the market.

Cory van Groningen, farmer and politician, is one of four brothers currently operating VG Meats. VG Meats is a local, family-owned company that specializes in small herd, high care beef from production all the way through to retail. With their goal of producing the best beef in the world right here in Ontario, they are committed to taking the long way around in producing the highest quality product.