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Department Chair Andreas Boecker is delighted to announce that, effective May 2nd,

Alfons Weersink and Mike von Massow explain how the war in Ukraine will contribute to rising food prices and how global food security will be affected.

Monika Bischof draws on the experiences of subsistence farmers in rural Ethiopia to deepen our understanding of the complexities that cause child marriage.

Have you ever wondered why prepared rotisserie chickens are cheaper than ones you cook yourself? Andreas Boecker provides insights on retailers’ decision to offer certain products at very low prices, sometimes below cost.

The University of Guelph’s Canadian Agri-Marketing Association (CAMA) Student Chapter placed second overall in the 2022 National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) Student Marketing Competition held April 5-7th in Kansas City, MO.

The 2022 competition, which returned to an in-person format after two years online, saw the University of Guelph CAMA team compete against 20 American agriculture universities.

In this episode, Mike chats with Dr Beth Ventura about animal welfare. Beth is a teaching professor in animal welfare and behaviour at the University of Minnesota.

In their joint “Guelph Statement” Canada's federal, provincial and territorial Ministers of Agriculture set the direction for the next agricultural framework. Their shared vision for the next agricultural policy framework will position our agri-food producers, processors and others in the sector for continued success as world leaders in sustainable agriculture, and will enable a globally competitive sector.

Labelling foods with genetically modified ingredients has been a contentious debate. Some argue labelling is unnecessary and causes undue alarm. Others suggest consumers have a right to know. There remains a question as to whether it matters to consumers and whether labels will make any difference at all even if we do label.