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Have you tried online ordering and home delivery for groceries yet? If so was it a good experience? If not, whats holding you back? In this episode Mike speaks with Sarah Joyce, Senior VP of Ecommerce at Sobey's about their new Voila home delivery offering.

Many sectors in modern agriculture depend on seasonal labour to plant, maintain, and harvest crops. Often these jobs are done by temporary foreign workers, new immigrant, or undocumented workers. In fact cheap labour is essential across the entire food system from farms, through processing to restaurants and retail.

Professor Mike von Massow was interviewed by CTV Ottawa on the impact of COVID-19 on Canadians’ use of online ordering and delivery services for groceries.

Usually our MSc grads start in typical agricultural economic positions, e.g.

What will restaurants look like in the future?  What will hospitality mean?  Mike and Bruce McAdams from UofG talk about the future of restaurants and what we might see as we emerge from the COVID19 pandemic.  They cover issues from labour and pricing to de

What will restaurants look like as they re-open after COVID-19 lockdowns? This episode is the first half of Mike's conversation with his friend and coll

Flour has never been as cool. Temporary shortages coupled with a surge in baking as people are staying at home during the pandemic has brought flour into the mainstream. In this episode, Mike talks to Melissa McKeown who runs 1847 Milling, a micro miller in southwestern Ontario. They talk about starting and running a small farm based food business, competing against the giants, and some of the challenges such as rural internet access.