Senior Administration - University of Guelph

University of Guelph Senior Administration

Franco Vaccarino, President & Vice-Chancellor

Charlotte Yates, Provost & Vice-President (Academic)

Daniel Atlin, Vice-President (External)

Malcolm Campbell, Vice-President (Research)

Don O'Leary, Vice-President (Finance, Administration and Risk)

Karen Bertrand, Associate Vice-President (Major Gift Advancement)

Bob Carter, Associate Vice-President (Physical Resources)

Wayne Caldwell, Interim Associate Vice-President Research (Strategic Partnerships)

Martha Harley, Associate Vice-President (Human Resources)

John Livernois, Associate Vice-President (Research Services)

Sofie Lachapelle, Acting Associate Vice-President (Academic)

John Miles, Associate Vice-President (Finance and Integrated Planning)

Jason Moreton, Associate Vice-President (Alumni Advancement)

Brenda Whiteside, Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs)

Ben Bradshaw, Assistant Vice-President (Graduate Studies)

Chuck Cunningham, Assistant Vice-President (Communications & Public Affairs)

Tracey Jandrisits, Assistant Vice-President (Faculty and Academic Staff Relations)

Karen Menard, Assistant Vice-President (Institutional Analysis and Research)

Jane Ngobia, Assistant Vice-President (Diversity & Human Rights)

Ray Darling, University Registrar

Don Bruce, Dean, College of Arts

Julia Christensen Hughes, Dean, College of Business & Economics

Jonathan Newman, Dean, College of Biological Science

Rene Van Acker, Dean, Ontario Agricultural College

Gwen Chapman, Dean, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences

Jeffrey J. Wichtel, Dean, Ontario Veterinary College

Richard Zytner, Interim Dean, College of Physical and Engineering Science

Rebecca Graham, Chief Information Officer & Chief Librarian

John Walsh, Vice Provost, University of Guelph-Humber

Vicki Hodgkinson, Special Advisor to the President

Kate Revington, University Secretary