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The Office of Research offers weekly seminar sessions in numerous areas from animal care and ethics training to research management and support seminars for faculty and graduate students.

Research Feature

Search for Associate Vice-President Research (Agri-Food Partnership)

Learn about the search membership, nomination, and election process for the Associate Vice-President Research (Agri-Food Partnership).

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Safeguarding Research

At University of Guelph our researchers are working with international colleagues to help solve world-wide challenges through ingenuity, innovation and partnerships. This resource covers issues such as mitigating economic and/or geopolitical risks in sensitive research, travel and cybersecurity, export controls and working with controlled goods.

Commercialization Policy and Framework

University of Guelph is committed to knowledge and technology transfer as part of its mission to Improve Life. The Commercialization Policy and accompanying framework provides faculty, staff, and students with information, resources and guidance to help them protect, manage and commercialize intellectual property from U of G-related research.

Research Alerts

Research Alerts is a communications technology that allows University of Guelph faculty, staff and students to stay up to date on news from the Office of Research. Browse the searchable database for more research news in areas of your interest.