Facts and Figures

Research funding awarded to University of Guelph researchers for the 2018-19 fiscal year from external sources total over $156 million.

The detailed Annual Report on Research Funding Awarded for the current year may be accessed through the Institutional Research and Planning data portal.

Research Funding Awarded to University of Guelph 2018-2019

Pie Chart showing percentage of 2018-2019 University research funding awarded broken down by sponsor group

Sponsor Group Instalment Share % of Total
OMAFRA-U of G Agreement $ 56,540,163 36%
Federal Government Departments $ 28,567,760 18%
NSERC $ 22,280,712 14%
Business and Industry $ 21,093,030 14%
Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations $ 8,674,925 6%
SSHRC $ 5,303,601 3%
CIHR $ 4,819,075 3%
Private Citizens $ 4,213,812 3%
Ontario Government Ministries $ 3,361,116 2%
Other Governments/Other Sponsors $ 1,117,333 1%
Networks of Centres of Excellence $ 233,375 0%
Total $ 156,204,902 100%

Annual Research Summaries of Awards and Funds

Detailed information by college, department, researcher, and by sponsor are available (requires University of Guelph central ID for login).

Any inquiries related to this report or additional report requests may be directed to Laura Beaupre, Director, Research Analysis and Reporting (lbeaupre@uoguelph.ca or 519-824-4120 ext. 56616).

Research Support Fund (RSF)

The Research Support Fund (formerly the Federal Indirect Cost Program) is a Government of Canada fund that helps Canadian universities, colleges, and their affiliated research hospitals and institutes with the hidden costs of research.

Research Chairs

The University of Guelph is proud to partner with the Canadian Research Chairs program, NSERC Industrial Research Chairs program, and other government agencies, foundations, corporations, and individuals to attract elite researchers to the University.  These researchers carry out regionally, nationally, and internationally significant research in our areas of strategic importance.  We proudly present our Research Chairs.

Strategic Research Plan

Data Portal

For more information on University of Guelph facts and figures please visit the Institutional Research and Planning data portal. The data portal contains a number of reports, including official enrolment data as reported to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU, formerly MAESD), retention and graduation reports and degrees awarded data. In order to access this information you will be required to enter your University of Guelph username and password. Should you require additional data or have questions relating to access, use or reporting please contact the Office of Institutional Research and Planning at datarequest@uoguelph.ca.