From Idea to Impact: Strategic Research Plan 2023–2028

From Idea to Impact, the 2023–2028 University of Guelph Strategic Research Plan, refreshes and refines the most effective components of its predecessor, ensuring the new plan’s ongoing relevance and increasing our effectiveness at achieving our institutional goals.

Designed with the priorities of Our Time, the new University of Guelph 2022–2027 Strategic Plan, in mind, From Idea to Impact reinforces fundamental institution‑wide goals while driving the University of Guelph research enterprise forward.

There are three components to implementing the overall plan:

  • disciplines and themes to identify priority areas for investment, intervention, and other initiatives;
  • principles and goals, with associated key performance indicators, to guide decision‑making;
  • a clear system of accountability.

Research Activities: Disciplines and Themes


Comprehensive. World-Class. Dynamic.

  1. Arts, humanities, and social sciences
  2. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
  3. Agriculture
  4. Veterinary Medicine
  5. Business


Differentiated. Cross-cutting. Cutting-edge.

  1. Fundamental: Discovery
  2. Applied: Innovation and creation
  3. Food
  4. One Health
  5. The Environment

Research Principles and Goals

Purpose-driven. Long-term. Forward focused. Actionable. Measurable.

  1. Elevate Excellence.
    GOAL: We aim to be ranked among the top 10 Canadian research-intensive universities on select key performance indicators and move further into the top echelon in Canada by building on our disciplinary strengths. We aim to have several disciplines ranked among the top globally and others moving along a trajectory toward national prominence.
  2. Promote Partnership.
    GOAL: We will be globally recognized as the Canadian research partner of choice for industry, government, Indigenous Peoples, and not-for-profit organizations and will leverage strong partnerships to enhance the inclusive creation and mobilization of research knowledge to improve life.
  3. Increase Impact.
    GOAL: We will be a global leader in the study and practice of knowledge mobilization by increasing engagement with communities, industry, Indigenous governments, policymakers, and not‑for‑profit partners throughout the research process. We will pursue and prioritize inclusive and open scholarship to create a real impact on society, improving life for diverse groups in diverse ways (including through fundamental and applied research).
  4. Develop the Research Leaders of Tomorrow.
    GOAL: We will increase our capacity to support the continued success of the next generation of research leaders by providing high-quality and meaningful training opportunities to a diverse and inclusive population of researchers across a variety of disciplines and approaches to research.
  5. Embed Research in All We Do.
    GOAL: We will demonstrate leadership as an evidence-driven institution by embedding our research outputs and expertise in all university activities, including teaching, research support and administration, governance, and community engagement.

Over the five-year period of From Idea to Impact, the University will use the key performance indicators to set milestones for assessing our progress toward our reach goals. Dashboarding our progress at key junctures will provide opportunities to reflect on what we have achieved and what more we aim to accomplish.

The full version of From Idea to Impact: Strategic Research Plan 2023–2028 is now available for download. You can also view a summary of our Strategic Research Plan submitted to the Canada Research Chairs to support our numinations by demonstrating to reviewers how we will use funding from the Chairs to attract and retain world-class experts. A full-colour "highlights" version of From Idea to Impact will be available later this summer.