For Researchers

Research Alerts

Research Alerts is a communications technology that allows University of Guelph faculty, staff and students to stay up to date on funding opportunities and other news from the Office of Research.


How to find, apply for, and manange your research funding.

University Research Awards

Research Excellence Awards

Research Excellence Awards highlight research achievements of recently tenured faculty members, to raise the profile of individuals who would be considered for future external recognition.

Research Leadership Chairs

The intent of the Research Leadership Chairs is to provide an additional tool by which to attract and/or recruit faculty members who have already achieved significant research recognition both nationally and internationally.

Ethics and Regulatory Compliance

The rules and regulations that must be followed during the course of conducting research.

Research Integrity and Conflict of Interest 

The University of Guelph supports and encourages the highest ethical standards in research and scholarship by all members of its academic community.  This section of the web site provides information and resources in meeting research integrity and conflict of interest requirements.

Patenting, Licensing, and Commercialization

Visit our Research Innovation Office for help with the patenting, licensing, and commercialization of your research.

Other Considerations and Resources

Additional information that may be of use during your research.

Forms, Policies, Guidelines, and Procedures

All of our documents (forms, policies, guidelines, etc) that you may need in one central location.