College Associate Deans Research and Research Managers

College of Arts

Associate Dean of Research: Andrew Bailey Ext. 56637
Research Manager: Sandra Sabatini Ext. 53869

College of Biological Science

Interim Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies: Todd Gillis Ext. 58786
Research Manager: Sarah Bates Ext. 52147

Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics

Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies: Sean Lyons  Ext. 58500
Manager, Research & Partnerships: Diane Dobbins Ext. 52152

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Associate Dean of Research: Leonid Brown Ext. 53295
Research Manager: Nicolas Déry Ext. 54795

College of Social and Applied Human Sciences

Associate Dean of Research: Francesco Leri Ext. 52699 (Research/Study leave)
Research Manager: Carina Lang Ext. 54596

Ontario Agricultural College

Associate Dean Research and Graduate Studies: Rebecca Hallett Ext. 54488
Research Manager: Rhonda Alger Ext. 52247

Ontario Veterinary College

Associate Dean Research and Graduate Studies: Shayan Sharif Ext. 54641
Research Manager: Keriann McGoogan Ext. 56435