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A digital collection of our print material highlighting research at the University of Guelph.

Research Chairs

The University of Guelph is proud to partner with the Canadian Research Chairs program, NSERC Industrial Research Chairs program, and other government agencies, foundations, corporations, and individuals to attract elite researchers to the University.  These researchers carry out regionally, nationally, and internationally significant research in our areas of strategic importance.

Facts and Figures

A closer look at the annual research funding awarded to the University of Guelph over the past five years.

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International Research

Guelph researchers are passionately engaged in discovery and knowledge translation to further the University's commitment to making a difference and to better the lives of people everywhere. Regardless of discipline and orientation, research is now inherently collaborative across disciplines and across countries - research knows no boundaries at Guelph.

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Our collection of research videos created by the SPARK team cover a wide range of research topics.