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Welcome to the website for University of Guelph’s Office of Research. This site is designed to serve your needs, whether you are looking for more details about the research activities at U of G, or in search of resources to support your interests.

Research is woven into the fabric of our university. Over a century ago, researchers in our founding colleges made remarkable discoveries and developed exceptional innovations in agricultural productivity, animal health, and food science. They shared their insights and inventions with the world at large – transforming their disciplines, and improving the lives and livelihoods of those that adopted their ideas. This long-standing tradition epitomises the research we conduct at University of Guelph today. Building on our traditional strengths, University of Guelph research has grown to a $186 million per year enterprise.

Our research is comprehensive. It covers the continuum from the structure of atoms to the composition of the universe, from the functioning of the molecules of life to the biodiversity contained within entire ecosystems, and from the conceptual underpinnings of artistry to the sweep of human history. Our research illuminates the nature of human existence, from our creative outputs and entrepreneurial activities, to the cohesive bonds that hold society together. University of Guelph research provides the insights and innovations necessary to promote and sustain the health and wellbeing of humans, animals, agriculture, the environment, and society – globally.

Our research is powered by exceptional researchers and strong partnerships. Be it researcher-to-researcher collaborations within our country, or across one of the 77 nations with whom we collaborate, we believe that there is great power in working together with others. This is perhaps best illustrated by our partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs, which leverages University of Guelph’s role as Canada’s food university to the benefit of the agri-food industry regionally and worldwide.

Our research is “Research that Matters” - it is knowledge in action. Within our university, our research is infused into our teaching. It creates experiential educational opportunities that enrich the student experience, and provides transferable skills that make our graduates more competitive in the job market. Our research advances the disciplines of our faculty, and places them at the forefront of their fields. Crucially, our research has relevance beyond the confines of the university. University of Guelph is a leader in the creation and dissemination of intellectual property, with the greatest number of patent disclosures per faculty member nationwide. Our discoveries are fuelling job creation, supporting sustainable food production, protecting the environment, improving the quality of life, and empowering those who are frequently marginalised.

This website aims to provide the tools necessary for you to engage with the research enterprise at University of Guelph. Whether you are a researcher wanting to realise your ambitions, a student wishing to enrich your educational experience, someone desiring partnership with one of our researchers, or if you seek more information about the discoveries we are making, this site should lead you to the source. This said, if you cannot find what you need, or have suggestions to improve the site – please let us know. In keeping with research at University of Guelph, we are eager to provide you with the answers you desire.