Academic Programs

Graduate (Master's/Doctoral Degrees and Graduate Diplomas)

As a graduate student, you will become part of a diverse group of dedicated researchers expanding the frontiers of knowledge.

At the University of Guelph, faculty and graduate students are involved in many facets of research. Some research seeks to devise new food products, understand the nature of superconductivity and look at the problems facing families and the elderly. We are compiling encyclopedias and writing short stories and novels, developing new veterinary surgical techniques, and investigating methods to measure and cope with environmental stresses, just to mention a few. Our research is vast and explores many different facets.

Undergraduate (Bachelor Degrees and Veterinary Medicine)

Come to the U of G and be yourself in our welcoming, caring and engaging community. Enjoy the spirit of innovation, collaboration and social consciousness that invigorates our research and enlivens our campus. You’ll find yourself inspiring and transforming lives beyond your own!

Be part of the 20,000 students who call this campus home, who chose Guelph for their own reasons, reasons that are as unique and varied as the perspectives, backgrounds, and personalities that they contribute to our diverse community.

Associate Diploma Programs (Two-Year Programs)

Two-year programs provide a blend of theoretical and practical learning designed to prepare graduates for a wide range of careers related to food, agriculture, communities and the environment. All programs provide courses in applied science, business management, production and marketing.