Honours and Awards

The University of Guelph proudly recognizes and celebrates research excellence from career start to end, across all disciplines.  The Vice-President (Research) encourages nominations for external and internal awards. 

Honours and Awards Calendar

The honours and awards calendar lists all upcoming  internal and external award deadlines according to date.

Honours & Awards FAQ

Find out the benefits of being nominated for awards, the types of awards available, and what is involved in the nomination process.

University Research Awards

The University of Guelph offers two internal awards recognizing research excellence at early and later career stage.  Research excellence is recognized as scholarly output that is demonstrably internationally impactful within the nominee’s discipline. 

Royal Society of Canada

The RSC recognizes Canada’s leading intellectuals, scholars, researchers, and artists. There are two programs: RSC Fellows and the RSC College of New Scholars.

Tri-Agency Awards

Each federal granting agency (NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR) recognizes research excellence and achievement annually through a number of competitive national awards that are accompanied by significant funding.


Fellowships are prestigious, multi-disciplinary awards that usually support a particular research project for a defined amount of time.

Governor General’s Innovation Awards

The Governor General’s Innovation Awards are given to individuals, teams and/or organizations whose innovations or innovative activities are truly exceptional, transformative, and positive in their impact on the quality of life in Canada.

The Advisory Committee - Honours and Awards

Committee mandate:

  • Be responsible for ensuring equitable and transparent adjudication processes, including monitoring and course-correction 
  • Solicit names of potential nominees for awards and prizes (across all three categories) by communicating with college-level committees;
  • Share best practices by organizing presentations by members on different aspects of the awards and prizes process;
  • Review recommendations for nomination to institutional awards and advise the VPR as to the likelihood of success against award criteria. 

The University of Guelph Honours and Awards Strategy

The Office of Research is partnering with Colleges to:  

  1. Strategically support honours and awards nominations 
  2. Implement equitable and transparent selection processes to improve success
  3. Communicate and broker opportunities
  4. Promote and celebrate research excellence


Honours and Awards Facilitator
Research Services Office | UC 437