University Research Awards

The University of Guelph offers two internal awards recognizing research excellence at early and later career stage.  Research excellence is recognized as scholarly output that is demonstrably internationally impactful within the nominee’s discipline.  

Research Excellence Awards

Research Excellence Awards recognize research achievements of recently tenured faculty members.  To be eligible, a faculty member must be within 2 years of having been awarded tenure.

Research Leadership Chairs

Research Leadership Chairs recognize research excellence of mid- to late-career-stage faculty who have proven records of distinguished and sustained scholarly work.  To be eligible, a faculty member must minimally hold the title of Associate Professor.

To apply

Nominations for University Research Awards are submitted by colleges.  It is expected that colleges give special attention and consideration to Tri-Agency equity, diversity, and inclusion guidelines, and be prepared to indicate what plans were put in place to ensure that these guidelines have been observed. 

Colleges can submit nomination packages to  A nomination package will comprise: 

  • a covering letter from the College Dean in support of the nomination 
  • the nomination case letter from the department chair / school director
  • the nominee’s CV

Review and Selection Process

The Provost and VPR will review the nominations for approval.