Services and Divisions

Advanced Analysis Centre

The Advanced Analysis Centre (AAC) is a group of high-end specialized research laboratories: NMR, x-ray diffraction and scattering, microscopy imaging, fermentation, mass spectrometry and genomics. The AAC provides an unequalled range of capabilities for research and advanced education at the interface of the physical and biological sciences. The AAC is located in the Science Complex and welcomes users from academia, government and industry.

Animal Care Services

The Animal Care Services unit provides resources and guidance to researchers and instructors who wish to use live animals in science and education; coordinates the Animal Care Committee; ensures compliance with regulatory requirements; and offers training opportunities for all personnel involved in the use of animals in science.

Central Animal Facility

The Central Animal Facility provides a centre for the care and maintenance, by skilled and experienced personnel, of quality animals in a controlled environment as a service to departments across the University.

Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services (LS) is a multi-faceted analytical and diagnostic laboratory which serves a broad range of agri-food and veterinary clients within commercial, academic and government sectors on a fee-for-service basis.

Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance Research Programs

The University of Guelph manages research and education programs and related facilities, supported through an annual $54-million allocation from the Ontario Government. Funding is awarded on a competitive basis for research projects, knowledge translation and transfer projects, and highly qualified personnel scholarships under seven agri-food and rural priority areas.

OMAFRA Research Stations and Campus Animal Facilities

The Office of Research manages the OMAFRA research stations and our Campus Animal Facilities.

Research Communications

Research Communications promotes research activity at the University to a wide variety of stakeholders. Research Communications employs students for several initiatives.

Research Ethics

The Research Ethics Office provides support for researchers who wish to involve human participants in their research projects.  The Ethics Office provides resources and guidance for researchers who require clearance from one of two Research Ethics Boards as well as providing administrative support for both boards.

Research Financial Services

This unit administers the financial aspects of research accounts, intellectual property accounts and infrastructure accounts.

Research Innovation Office

The Research Innovation Office offers services that enable success along the pathways to commercialization, knowledge application and technology adoption. Our team of specialists helps researchers to commercialize their intellectual property through research contracts, patenting and licensing; to form and grow their own businesses; and to develop partnerships and share information with industry, government and society to enable their work to have maximum impact.

Research Risk Management

This unit is responsible for understanding and communicating emerging issues, regulatory requirements, and liability concerns associated with research activities as well as developing, implementing and administering programs to manage such risks.  Through alignment with Environmental Health and Safety, includes the biosafety, radiation, and laboratory safety programs.

Research Support Services - Contracts and Grants

The Research Support Services unit supports researchers throughout the process of finding funding; creating proposals and budgets; submitting applications; finalizing awards and negotiating agreements; and continues through to setting up of accounts for funded research.

Strategic Programs

This unit administers and supports submissions and agreements for institutional programs (e.g. the Canada Foundation for Innovation, Canada Research Chairs); strategic programs (e.g. the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade; Canada First Research Excellence Fund) and Major Honours and Awards (e.g. Royal Society of Canada).