Research Support Services

The Research Support Services (RSS) unit within the Research Services Office supports researchers through the process of finding funding opportunities; creating proposals and budgets; submitting applications; finalizing awards and negotiating agreements; and continues through to setting up accounts for funded research.

Where can I find funding opportunities?

How do I apply for funding?

  • Who is authorized to apply for and hold research funding?
    • Regular, full-time faculty (UGFA) and CARG members
    • P&M or other staff with special approval from Dean. Please email Research Support Services for more information
  • Plan your application early
  • Check deadlines
  • Seek mentorship opportunities
    • Successful colleagues or peers may be able to review your ideas and provide feedback
    • Mentors may also be able to review drafts of applications, provide critical internal feedback you may wish to incorporate before you “submit”…
    • Some colleges have internal review procedures so be sure to ask the Associate Dean Research or College Research Manager of your college
  • Connect with sponsors
    • Program officers, representatives of funding agencies who are familiar with the process once your application is submitted, are often available
    • Program officers at the Tri-Agencies (CIHR, NSERC,SSHRC) can become great sources of feedback for you. Why not take advantage?
    • We can help you make contact if you’d like to do so – just ask! Contact the front desk in the Research Services Office ( and you will be put through to someone in RSS for assistance
  • Plan time to write, review, re-write

Where can I find information about deadlines?

  • There are really 2 types of deadlines
  • We refer to the different types as INTERNAL and EXTERNAL
  • Do not rely on sponsor’s deadline, which is the EXTERNAL deadline!
  • Instead, refer to the internal deadlines posted on RSO website within our funding opportunities or as found in Table 1 of the Minimum Processing Times guidelines
    • The internal deadline is the real deadline by which you must have your application complete and submitted

How can I submit to Research Services Office?

  • In person to University Centre, Room 437
  • Electronically to
  • OR-5 Form and why is it required for my proposal?
  • You might be wondering, what happens when you submit to the Office of Research?
    • Why do you need to submit earlier than the sponsor requires?
    • We review your application depending on the opportunity
    • More complicated programs = more detailed review
    • We recommend any revisions to improve the completeness and/or accuracy of your application
    • Once the final version is ready to go, your application can be submitted
  • Final submission to sponsor
    • In most cases, final submission is the researcher’s responsibility (see below)
    • Process varies across opportunities
    • Refer to opportunities posted by RSS for more information
  • Researcher to submit
    • In some cases, once your application has been approved, we let you know
    • You pick up your signed application and are responsible for submission
    • Research Support Services submits on your behalf
    • In other cases, mostly for Tri-Agency (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) grants, our office submits your application electronically
    • Our “submitting” confirms approval and official endorsement by the University
  • At the end of the submission process, we then wait for the sponsor’s decision

What happens when I’m awarded funding, or my project is approved to proceed?

What policies do I need to know?

Where can I get more information?