Research Ethics/Protection of Human Participants


The Ethics Office has created a short (3 minute) survey to obtain your feedback on your experience with the REB process. Your input and observations are important to us. Have your Say: Tell us how we did

The REBApp is a living document, responding to community needs as well as regulatory requirements. Please be sure to download the latest version when you apply.



Research Ethics Board – Natural, Physical and Engineering Sciences (REB-NPES)

Research Ethics Board – General


Become familiar with the policies and guidelines. Consult with the ethics office regarding your research project: or X58024

If your research involves human participants at any point, a valid REB number must be provided to Research Support Services prior to an account set-up. In some cases, it may not be feasible to obtain REB clearance if you are not yet able to submit a complete application. The Research Ethics Board (REB) is unable to review submissions that are not complete, and will not provide approvals ‘in principle’. If you must access funds before you are ready to submit an ethics application, please submit the Statement of Intent for Release of Funds Prior to Ethics Approval. Use an electronic signature on this form and submit as an email attachment, or print, sign, scan, and then email the form to



  • Every project will require an annual STATUS REPORT to be submitted by the anniversary of the approval date. 
  • If your research has changed or has received new funding, submit a CHANGE REQUEST
  • An Event Report must be submitted if something occurs during the course of your research project which should be communicated to the REB. The form provides guidance on the types of information which must be reported, but feel free to use this form to report an occurrence you feel is important. Check with the Director, Research Ethics if you're not sure about reporting.


Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans, 2nd Edition (TCPS2)

The questions asked in the REB-App are drawn from the TCPS2, 2ND Edition. The Panel on Research Ethics has created online tutorial - the CORE tutorial - which provides an applied approach to the guidance provided in TCPS2. CORE is designed primarily for the use of researchers and REB members. 

Create a new account using your University email address so completion can be tracked by the ethics office. This tutorial is highly recommended.