Strategic Research Plan

The University’s Strategic Research Plan (SRP) helps promote and advance research strengths on which the University has built its reputation for quality and innovation. It reflects the University’s mission and its objectives, such as research intensity, internationalism and collaboration.

The SRP identifies areas in which the University can make unique contributions to current and emerging research. It describes seven research themes and areas of strength within the University’s Integrated Plan:

  • Agriculture, food and the bioeconomy
  • Health and well-being in humans and animals
  • Economic management, governance and public policy
  • Biodiversity, environment and ecology
  • Human behaviour, cultural evolution, creative communities
  • Technology and applied sciences
  • Foundations of science

The SRP’s identification of thematic research areas does not diminish the important contributions of individual researchers and creative practitioners. In fact, individual research strengths collectively formed the foundation of the University’s strategic research directions.

The complete Strategic Research Plan document is available in PDF form.